Building Brand Awareness Through A Custom Van Body

How do you go about building a business that’s going to last and be successful? Branding is essential. Therefore, one of the most crucial factors in creating brand awareness can be the use of a custom van body. What could be better than advertising your service or product on the side of what boils down to a rolling billboard? After all, a stationary billboard is nice. Digital advertising is good, as well. But for the most comprehensive and best results, you must advertise across multiple platforms.

A customized vehicle exterior – your custom van body – can help communicate your business presence and allow your company/product/service to be more successful. To promote your company, vehicle graphics are indispensable. They can raise brand awareness, increase sales, or even support a worthy charity.

To see how helpful a custom van body can be for your business, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of vehicle graphics advertising.

The Canvas Is Yours

Ordinarily, to promote your brand, you would rent space from an agency through billboards and other traditional advertising methods. Rented ad space, however, comes with price variations, involves careful timing, color and image restrictions, regulations on placement, and more. But you can avoid traditional advertising hassles by customizing the exterior of your vehicle with brand/product/company/logo imagery.

Make the Most of What You Spend

It can be an expensive endeavor, advertising today. In certain parts of the country, it can cost from $8400-$15,000 per month for a billboard! As a far more cost-effective alternative to old-school advertising, the use of vehicle graphics should be explored. The only limitation on how far the geographic areas your advertising will extend is how far you drive.

As long as you properly care for the graphics on your van, you won’t have to renew contracts or pay for new advertising.

Increase Awareness – Even When You’re Parked

Yes, when you’re driving around you will be advertising your brand, company, etc. But when you’re parked, marketing continues. Try to park, whenever possible, in an area that is driven past on a regular basis. Remember, also, to always keep your vehicle as clean as possible. It makes the graphics easier to read and makes a good impression.

On-the-Go Marketing

Billboards, radio ads, television ads, magazine and newspaper ads… They are all stationary. You have to carefully choose where you place them. But your advertising platform, when it consists of vehicle graphics, goes where you go. It’s basically a mobile billboard.

Unique, Professional Creativity

Professionalism is key when it comes to branding. You can help your brand resonate with potential customers once you have the right ingredients. Know your target audience and your market. Then you’ll be ready to use eye-catching vehicle graphics to promote your business. Your vehicle will become part of your marketing strategy but in a unique and professional manner. Soon, both existing and potential customers will recognize your vehicle on site – and your brand.

Advertise on the Side of a Mickey Genuine Parts Trailer, Van, or Truck

For the frugally minded businessperson or one just starting out, we frequently have used vans, trailers, reefers, food trucks, and more in stock. Check back on a regular basis because the inventory tends to fluctuate. When you’re ready to have the exterior of your trailer or van wrapped – or decals applied – you can also count on Mickey. Contact Mickey today for more information.

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