Understanding The Different Types Of Disaster Response Trailers

Emergency response teams use them. Recovery support teams use them. What are we referring to? Mobile units. But there are various disaster response trailers used by different services for a wide selection of situations. For trailers such as these, second best simply will not do. These mobile units have unique needs and are, therefore, routinely highly customized. They must be high-quality and dependable. No matter what the objective, supreme disaster response trailers must be customized by a reliable service with reputable parts.

For all sorts of disaster response needs, emergency response trailers are essential equipment. To meet disaster response requirements, precise upfitting or manufacturing features and functions must be customized into relatively standardized trailers.

Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Trailers for First Responder Support

Similar to a disaster response trailer (see below) are first responder trailers, which can, when necessary, operate as such. These first responder trailers must be capable of handling all emergency response situations as a mobile station – from hazmat situations to DUI enforcement posts. This can be a challenging endeavor, and must be handled by skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced customizing services. Whether it is a private agency or government agency, certain upfits and equipment are required.

Trailers/Field Offices For Disaster Relief

The United States presents numerous opportunities for the need for disaster relief. Dispatch centers are frequently overwhelmed, as are first responders, when regions are hit by natural disasters. Several disaster response trailers could be needed to supply people with shelter, radios, water, etc. When people are seeking help, trailers such as this must be noticeable and instantly recognizable. Additionally, they must contain all equipment and supplies necessary, and in stock, in order to be ready and certifiable for regional disaster preparedness.

Trailers for Animal Rescue

Neglected horses, abandoned puppies, and more will be taken care of through the use of an animal rescue organization utilizing one of these trailers. To fit specific needs, the length of the trailer may need to be customized. If necessary, several horses may need to be transported at one time. For smaller animals, the focus on medical attention will be the primary concern. More manageable, in this case, may be a shorter trailer. Regardless, the organization of sterilized medical equipment and specific treatment areas will likely be requirements.

Trailers/Command Posts for Dive Rescue

This type of trailer will be used by a company or third-party organization for dive rescue. Diving tools/equipment will be a frequent need in this case. To carry out a successful dive rescue mission, very specific equipment and supplies are needed and must be stocked in the trailer at all times. Included should be a radio/communication center through which to communicate with offshore counterparts, designated space for oxygen tanks, and more.

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