Truck Parts Require Adequate Maintenance To Prolong Service Lifespan

Which vehicle on the road today is one of the most abused, yet strongest commercial vehicles in existence? The answer is cargo trucks. They do, however, have limitations despite being built to withstand extreme stress and heavy loads. Like every other vehicle, these trucks require adequate maintenance and proper care from trained professionals. If they’re going to be dependable, they also need to be serviced with high-quality, reputable truck parts.

A preventative maintenance (PM) program is the best way to care for your fleet – even if that fleet consists of one truck. You will incur unnecessary and exorbitant maintenance costs without a PM program. We’re going to show you what to watch out for so that you can extend the usefulness and the life of your truck or fleet.

Cooling System Truck Parts

Engine failure can result from improper or poor cooling system maintenance. Additionally, use only the manufacturer-recommended type of coolant and coolant level to avoid problems. Corroded or damaged truck parts should be replaced immediately.

Engine Belts

To make sure that they are in good condition, frequently check your engine belts. Component damage and engine failure can result from worn-out belts.


Fuel efficiency and safety are increased by keeping the tires on your truck at the proper pressure. Excessive tread wear is reduced, and blowouts are less probable. For the recommended tire pressure, check your owner’s manual.

Engine Oil

The goal here is, on all your engine’s moving internal truck parts, to prevent friction. Make sure that the engine oil you use in your truck is viscous enough.


Prevent premature breakdowns by keeping your truck well lubricated. At all times, keep components greased with high-quality, optimum performance lubricant.

Spare Truck Parts

Particularly if your trucks are old, keep an inventory of stocked parts. Yes, it’s a bit of a cost, but one that could pay off in the long run.

Body Problems

Truck bodies were not made to last forever. Delay corrosion in the following ways:

  • Wash underneath the chassis and frame often
  • Wash your truck frequently, particularly if you drive through rain and snow
  • Apply penetrating oil and/or lubricants
  • Keep door jams free from dust, dirt, moisture, and other particles by wiping them often
  • Make sure the drains are free from debris

Drivetrain and Engine Issues

Watch for the following signs of engine trouble to avoid costly downtime:

  • An increase in temperature
  • A decrease in power
  • Loss of oil pressure
  • Excessive exhaust


One of the most common causes of accidents resulting in third-party lawsuits and claims, vehicle damage, and injuries is brake failure. A part of your PM routine should be brake inspection and should include the following:

  • Check hoses and linings
  • Check and grease the S cams
  • Grease the slack adjusters

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