All You Need To Know About Trailer Decals

Experts in research say that you should detail your trailer or vehicle to let potential customers know who you are. Let’s face it, every day, to every job, your trailer and/or vehicle travels with you. Trailer decals are, more or less, a travelling billboard. People will see neighbors having work done in a particular area and will be curious as to what’s being done, who’s doing the work, are they recommended, and more. Even if you keep your work vehicle spotlessly clean, if all it exists as is a plain box on wheels, it isn’t going to assist in landing that next job. It’s time to display your business on a rolling advertisement. Let’s take a closer look at using trailer decals.

A Logo Must Be Created

Because lasting impressions are made by first impressions, and most people’s first impression of your company is your logo, make it a good one. If you’ve been putting off creating a logo, put it off no longer. There are local pros and do-it-yourself logo websites available. Including pricing, figure out which one works best for you. Don’t use something that’s been used to death already. On the other hand, if you see something you admire, consider putting a new spin on it.

Ideas for Taglines

Very nearly as important as your logo is your tagline. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else and tells people precisely what you do. Taglines can get right to the point, be inspirational, informational, or fun. Make the message contained within your tagline clear because, as people drive past your vehicle, they only have a limited amount of time during which to process your message.

 Stumped for a tagline? Here are a few examples:

  • Broken House? We Can Fix It!
  • Affordable, Professional, and Tidy Painters
  • Maintenance and Remodeling – Headache Free!

Ask for Suggestions Or Assistance

When it comes time to select your decal layout, you may want to seek the help of professionals – unless you’re a graphics and marketing genius. Tell them what kind of customers you’re after and what makes your company special – and let them do what they do best. They should be able to make you a design with contact information, your logo, and a compelling layout based on your input. To show you how the decal will look on the side of your trailer or vehicle, they will hopefully have the kind of software that can display a virtual picture. If they don’t, you might want to look elsewhere. This is the kind of thing that today’s up-and-coming professionals will make sure to have on hand.

Make changes before the decal is completed to save big money down the line. Once that decal is cast and ready to go on the side of your vehicle, it’s too late.

Decal Types

Though a full-wrap dramatizes your chosen design options, a less expensive wrap decals include cutout images, letters, and individual numbers.


Don’t let the image get too busy, but if you want to add an actual image to a design, feel free. It could be of a particular project that you felt was successful. Just remember that your client only has a few seconds during which to see the entire decal. Their eyes must be drawn to contact information, logo, and your name.

Let’s Review…

Be prepared to discuss with your decal company the following:

  • What and who you are.
  • Decal type desired (wrap or cut-out).
  • Will an image be included?
  • Installation of a full-wrap, cut outs, or just letters.
  • Also consider location, size, and reflective options for your decal.
  • Always review before committing.

If you would like to discuss trailer graphics with a reliable, established professional that is a leader in their industry, click here for another division of Mickey Genuine Parts. They can help you with graphics that pop and are sure to be noticed.

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