Simplifying Tractor Trailer Maintenance

If you own one or more tractor trailers, you know how expensive they can be. Even if you purchase a used tractor-trailer, you’re still dropping a significant amount of money. So, it only makes sense that you want to keep that investment in good shape. Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of truck and trailer maintenance. Take a look at the following tips from the experts. These should help you reduce future headaches and prevent unexpected repairs and damage. We’ll break them down into sections.


The following should always be well lubricated:

  • Suspension
  • Drivetrain
  • Steering

The manufacturer or your regular service provider should be able to recommend appropriate, high-quality products to use for lubrication. Before every long trip, make sure that all applicable components are lubricated. This will help prevent lockup and unnecessary wear and tear in your systems.


Your tractor-trailer’s lifespan can be seriously shortened by corrosion. By taking the right steps, you can slow down, if not completely prevent, rust development. Paint chips should be dealt with immediately due to their susceptibility to rust. One good vehicle paint repair solution is to check with your service provider or a local paint shop for regular paint inspections/touch-ups.

At least twice a month, wash your tractor-trailer to help prevent rust. The primer and paint can be eaten away by contaminants, and regular washing will help keep them clear and clean. Make sure that part of the wash job includes door jams. Abrasive contaminants are often found in large puddles, so whenever possible, try avoiding them to prevent grime buildup.

Crucial to the health of your tractor-trailer is the health of your truck. With that in mind, let’s take a look at two important aspects of trailer/truck care.


Your road travels can quickly come to a stop when engine problems occur. Things to watch for:

  • Excessive engine smoking
  • Loss of oil pressure
  • Decreases in power

Immediate repairs could be needed on your tractor-trailer or truck if any of those signs are present. To help prevent issues, monitor the following:

  • Oil pressure
  • Oil level
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Coolant levels

Checked regularly, and adjusted as necessary, the above issues are less likely to lead to severe problems needing costly repairs.

Be sure to also check for wear and tear on all rubber components.


For tractor-trailers, one ongoing maintenance concern will always be the wear and tear on brakes. To help keep the operation of your vehicle safe, these components must be properly cared for at all times. If your brakes fail, it can result in any or all of the following:

  • Lawsuits
  • Property damage
  • Injury
  • Death

Those must be avoided at all costs, so devise a maintenance plan for your brakes that is proactive rather than reactive. Get brakes checked regularly by a professional technician to determine ahead of time whether repair or replacement is advised. A good rule of thumb to follow is that for every oil change, preventative brake maintenance should be done.

Mickey Genuine Parts employs educated, experienced technicians at every one of our Mickey Certified Service Centers located throughout the United States. Set up a regular maintenance schedule or call us for an appointment when needed. The services we provide carry the same Mickey guarantee that our parts, accessories, used tractor-trailers, and other equipment carry. Contact us at Mickey Genuine Parts when you’re ready to take better care of your trucks and drivers by taking better care of your brakes and other maintenance concerns.

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