Top Tips To Keep Fragile Items Safe In A Moving Truck

We asked several moving experts for any advice they could offer regarding the moving of fragile or delicate items and how to keep them safe in a moving truck. Here’s what they had to say.

Among all of life’s most stressful situations, ranked high at the top of the list, is moving. When you consider everything that has to be taken care of, you know that something is going to be forgotten about. Oh, you will remember eventually – usually, when it’s too late.

One thing to remember before you even start packing is the fact that special handling is needed where delicate items are concerned. But if you’re entrusting everything to two or three guys and a moving truck or large trailer (no particular company affiliation), in order to avoid a disaster, extra special consideration must be paid to items that are considered breakable or delicate.

Carefully Pack Objects

A lot of common sense goes into the mix here. Figure out where items are less likely to break and put them there if they’re fragile. Depending on how fragile something is, don’t stack something heavier on top of it. As an example, you wouldn’t want to pack your bowling ball on top of your great grandmother’s bone china.

Everything Must Be Labeled Before Placing them in a Moving Truck

Yes, we do mean everything! If a box isn’t labeled “Fragile”, there is every chance that it will get tossed, dropped, stacked, crushed, or some other catastrophic action will be inflicted upon it. If you forget about a box and end up discovering it at a later point in time, if it is marked fragile, it stands a better chance of making it through the forgotten period intact. A box that was packed a long time ago and then moved, if not labeled correctly, can be forced to endure untold tragedy.

Make the Most Delicate Items the Last To Be Loaded

You might have to watch your movers to make sure this happens, but it will be worth it to spare the destruction of your most delicate items. Last packed boxes are first boxes out. That’s a great way to keep a close eye on fragile pieces. Hopefully, the heavy, bulky stuff will be packed more towards the front of the truck and the more fragile items toward the exit.

Tightly Pack Boxes Together

Whereas, if others are moving your boxes, you may not have much control over this. So, consider overseeing the truck packing process to ensure that all boxes containing fragile items are packed snuggly together – unless you’re doing the move yourself. Regardless, the more snuggly boxes are placed together, the less chance there will be for shifting during the drive. Sudden starts and stops will also be less of a threat if boxes are snuggly secured.

Everything’s at Its Destination – Now Check It All Thoroughly!

The move has been completed! If you’re moving things yourself, though you’ll still want to check to see if everything arrived safely, the timeframe may not matter. If, however, you had a service moving you, you’ll want to check the most delicate items in an expedited manner so that you can catch the movers before they leave if something is broken. If your boxes were all correctly labeled, this process will go a lot faster and more efficiently. You did label your boxes, right? Mickey Genuine Parts cares about our customers. That’s why we post helpful pieces like this. Because we care, we offer nothing but the best. From our service centers to our parts department, you can rely on Mickey for high quality and stellar service. Contact us today if you would like to discuss a part, the purchase of a used trailer, or need some other piece of equipment.

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