Why Should You Add Commercial Van Bodies to Your Fleet?

In addition to their already existing collection of transport vehicles, there is an increasing number of fleet managers that are considering the addition of commercial van bodies to that inventory. In a nutshell, the reason is simple: they are highly adaptable, equipped, and customizable. Particularly the newer models.

Let’s take a look at some ways that van bodies can be customized, adapted, and altered, making them an attractive option as a business vehicle.

Some General Advantages to Van Bodies

Today’s van bodies allow much more workspace inside because they come with high to medium-high roofs. Some function as mobile workshops, having (inside the body) air compressors, power inverters, and other necessary equipment. While that equipment is being powered, the battery of the vehicle can be protected by an included programmable battery guard. Some of these vans even serve as mobile offices complete with file drawers, printers, computers, chairs, desks, etc.

Size and Shape Matter

Depending on the specific needs of the company, powertrain, roof height, body length, and other equipment can be specifically chosen to meet those needs. Whether you need a dual, single, sliding, or hinged door configuration, you make the choice. Assure maximum-security with no windows, choose the kind of windows that allow light inside, or that provide maximum visibility.

And, most any storage problems can be solved by using up-fitters to customize the van body to precise needs.

Van Bodies Can Be Adapted For Cargo Management

Just the right ladders and ladder racks will be needed to reach from the top of a high to medium-high roofed vans. Certain vocations will need specific management systems including electrical, plumbing, cooling, heating, and general contracting. Transportation, of course, defines its own management system.

As an example, for an electrician, specs on a van may incorporate a built-in workbench, ladder rack, wire spool hooks, small bins for connectors, and more. A plumber, on the other hand, may want the van equipped with compartments that are larger to accommodate pipes and sewer/water line connectors. Contractors will want to be able to transport tape, organized screws (in bins), full sheets of drywall, and other supplies. And there is always the possibility of being able to haul another trailer behind the van.

Drivability and Safety

Commercial vans, despite their size, can be as easily driven as most cars. They have been specially developed to be comfortable for both passengers and drivers. Comfort measures are evidenced by voice activated navigation, cell phone, and radio systems; upgraded stereo systems; ergonomic stabilization for steering wheels and adjustable seats, etc.

The latest safety features have been installed on today’s vans, as well. Passenger and driver airbags, rearview cameras, stability control systems, trailer hitch assist, antitheft systems, lane-keeping alert systems, perimeter and backup alarms, and more are now either standard or available.

It seems there is no limit when it comes to what you can do with today’s van bodies. Many of the above discussed customizations and alterations can also be added to used van bodies. It only makes sense for today’s fleet managers to consider adding van bodies to their existing transport vehicle inventory.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we offer used and new van bodies that are fully adaptable and customizable to fit your business and transport needs. We have numerous certified service centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. If you do your own work, and place order your in-stock part by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, we will expedite shipment the same day. If you have questions or would like to place an order, contact us today.

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