Top Tips For Spec’ing Refrigerated Van Bodies

No matter what the product is, the same purpose is served by all refrigerated van bodies – In order to make sure that the product is acceptable by the recipient, refrigerated van bodies keep it at precise temperatures. Both the client and the transporter will be in a world of hurt if that temperature varies too much for too long.

That’s a big responsibility. For fleet managers to protect their bottom line and reputation when spec’ing any refrigerated trucks, trailers, or vans, they must make sure that everything is done to perfection.

Resist the Urge to Under-Spec

While it’s tempting to keep costs down by cutting corners here and there, try to avoid it if you can. Don’t worry as much about lower upfront cost. For example, you may end up with greater lifecycle and operating costs if you use a less insulated box. Don’t go for smaller refrigeration units or less insulation to save money. You’ll pay more in the long run.

Remember the Importance of Airflow

Cargo damage and uneven cooling can be the result of inadequate airflow in a loaded van because of under-spec’ing. Uniform cooling of your product can be insured by proper airflow. Floor selection plays a big factor here. The best airflow can also be determined by whether your product is loaded in boxes, in milk-type crates, or on pallets.

Be Sure to Meet Requirements

Make sure that truck chassis specs as they relate to body measurements are not mismatched. Verify the rear of the truck’s frame height before ordering the chassis. The truck’s overall height requirements cannot exceed the box (body). If the chassis is too high, you may also have problems with liftgate range. When lowered, it may not touch the ground. Good luck offloading food carts and pallet jacks if that happens. Before signing off on a vehicle order, ensure the compatibility with specs.

Consider Power Interruption Switches

Warm air and humidity get sucked in to the body of a refrigerated box every time the refrigerated box opens. The blower pushes out the refrigerated air. This creates inefficiencies that jeopardize proper temperatures for the product and causes extra stress to the refrigeration unit. A power interrupt switch can remedy that situation. The blower will shut down when the door is opened.

Pick the Right Rear Door

Many fleet managers believe that for the sake of ease of use, hinged doors are less preferable than rollup doors. Over time, however, with rollup doors, there is a loss of insulation. That’s going to mean that additional considerations will have to be made to accommodate the loss of insulation value. That means more money.

Insulation Is Crucial

If you’re going to be spec’ing a refrigerated van, you must – absolutely must – have a complete understanding of the impact of insulation. This cannot be stressed enough! If, in order to accommodate pellets side-by-side, you reduce the installation one or two inches, you may not be able to keep the product frozen because you don’t have enough insulation. We’ve already discussed how important it is to keep your products at the proper temperature.

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