Are You Looking To Purchase Used Reefer Trailers?

The most probable reason for purchasing used reefer trailers is to save money. A frugal minded businessman wishing to create a fleet of referrers would be well served by getting them from a reputable dealer in used condition.

We’re going to take a look at a comparison of used versus new, and a new trend in used refer buying.

Buying Used Reefer Trailers Versus Buying New

Whether or not a new trailer is affordable for you seems like the simplest and best way to determine whether or not you should buy new or used. A lot of companies today are purchasing reefer trailers that are lightly used but with the installation of a brand-new reefer unit. They refer to them as “Re-new” refers. They are preferable because, without the high price tag, you still get the benefits of a brand-new reefer unit.

“Re-New” Reefers

Yes, this is currently a pretty hot trend among reefer fleets. It’s the best value/price combination for those wishing to build a fleet of referrers, but still save money. When purchasing a referrer with a brand-new unit but a slightly used box, compared to purchasing the exact same reefer unit in a brand-new refrigerated trailer, the price can be $15-$20,000 lower!

Do Refer Hours Matter?

Comparing the date on which the trailer was manufactured to the actual hours on a reefer unit, most people in the market to buy a reefer concentrate more on the hours. Rather than purchasing a trailer with 14,000 hours that is only three years old, they prefer to purchase a used reefer trailer with just 10,000 hours even though it is a five-year-old trailer. Per year, reefer units and trailers usually log approximately 3000 to 4000 hours. So, there could well be between 9000 and 12,000 hours on a reefer unit that’s been running for three years.

Dry Vans and Refers Age Differently

The integrity of the trailer is what it’s all about when you’re purchasing a dry van trailer. Rust, the cross members, and the doors come into play. And whereas, when buying a used reefer trailer, those factors do still apply, you should consider other very important factors. The smart reefer buyer knows that the bigger concerns are things like fixing damaged panels and repairing the reefer unit.

How Many Hours Can You Expect from a Reefer?

Much the same as high miles on a truck means that it’s been used and abused more than a truck with fewer miles, heavy usage usually equates to more hours on a reefer. So, how many hours can you expect to get from a reefer? There are no exact specifications here, but there is a rule of thumb: purchasing a reefer with over 30,000 hours probably isn’t the smartest decision. Generally, at 20,000 hours, a reefer is considered to be “older”.

Now according to the manufacturer, “You’ll get a good 40,000 hours out of this reefer unit!”, it’s a pretty routine claim. In comparison, it’s like a car with 300,000 miles on it.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry used trailers of all kinds. Check our current inventory to see what’s in stock if you’re looking for a used reefer trailer, van body, etc. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss having work done at one of our many Mickey certified service centers.

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