Top Reason For Regular Commercial Trailer Maintenance

Commercial trailers, just like family cars, business vehicles, buses, trucks, etc., must have regular checkups. When you’re talking about vehicles used for a commercial business, the emphasis that needs to be put on regular checkups may be even more so. If a professional gets into an accident behind the wheel of a business vehicle towing a trailer, that business could be held responsible for injuries, damages, and more. If the accident happened because of negligence on the part of the business owner – it could be catastrophic for the company. It could even put them under.

Nobody needs that! By making sure that your commercial trailers get regular checkups, you will more likely avoid a devastating accident and/or loss. Though the title here refers to trailers, it is essential to both trailers and the vehicles towing them to get checkups, routine maintenance, repairs as necessary, etc.

Why Do Commercial Vehicles/Trailers Need More Maintenance?

Family cars and trucks were mentioned earlier, but commercial vehicles tend to need more maintenance and more frequent checkups. The reasons for this should not be surprising. Commercial vehicles and trailers…

  • … experience all-day driving on long routes. This accelerates vehicle component wear. Neglected maintenance can cause the breakdown of parts a lot faster.
  • … spend more time idling because they get stuck in traffic. This means that coolants and engine fluids should be checked frequently. The condition of the fluid and whether or not it is at appropriate levels can make all the difference when it comes to overheating.
  • … brake and accelerate more than noncommercial vehicles. Oil and parts can break down more quickly because of all the stop-and-go delivering that some trucks and trailers experience.
  • … compared to normal vehicles, carry heavier loads. That puts a greater demand on tires, suspension, the transmission, and more.

Religiously Follow Routine Maintenance Schedules

Now you know why commercial vehicles and trailers need more maintenance and more frequent checkups. Recognizing that is a good step. But if you don’t keep up with those maintenance checks and necessary repairs/replacements, it’s all for nothing. Routine checks for cargo box repair, step van repair, etc. can include exhaust inspections, loading ramps, rear door maintenance, air-conditioning maintenance, electrical issues, brakes, check engine lights, transmission service, oil changes, and more. That seems like a lot, but it’s necessary.

Your business can be crippled in a heartbeat by the loss of just one truck or trailer from an entire fleet. The breakdown of just one vehicle means that clients and customers are going to be inconvenienced, delays will be experienced, your delivery schedule will have to be rearranged, a trailer or truck may need to be towed, etc.

Doing regular maintenance checks and keeping up with repairs as needed will make all the difference in keeping your fleet up and running, and your business producing – rather than losing.

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