Safety Tips For Transporting Propane Gas Tanks

Nearly every patio or backyard has at least one or two of them – propane gas tanks. With summer in full swing, more and more people are keeping not only one tank hooked up to the grill, but a spare in the corner of the patio. That way, if the hooked-up tank suddenly runs dry in the middle of the cookout, they have backup fuel for the grill. Many of us take for granted that transporting propane gas tanks is a foolproof, safe endeavor. In most cases, it is. But it never hurts to pay special attention to safety factors when handling your propane tanks.

Common Sense Plays a Big Part

Though built tough, there can be consequences to improper handling of propane tanks. A fire could result if the right amount of friction or a spark ignites liquid gas that has leaked out of the tank in your home, your car, your backyard shed, etc. You can avoid serious injury, and make life a lot easier, if you keep in mind the “rules” (and apply a little common sense) when it comes to transporting propane gas tanks.

First things first – when you’re driving, you don’t want that tank rolling around in the bed of your truck, in your trunk, in your trailer… You get the picture. You must use something to keep that tank in place. Put it in the right sized cardboard box, an old milk crate, and use bungee straps/cords to secure it adequately. Not only will this keep the tank safe, it will prevent the inside of your truck bed, truck, or car from getting dented, scratched, and damaged.

Here are some other “rules of the road” when it comes to transporting propane gas tanks from one point to another.

Keep the Transportation Area Free of Hazards

Whether it’s the back of your truck, your trunk, or your backseat, it should be cleaned/cleared out before transporting the tank. That means tools and any other sharp objects that might breach the tank’s exterior. Again, the tanks are built tough. But why risk it?

Keep the Tank at an Appropriate Temperature

Sweltering summer days mean hot vehicle interiors. Because it’s sensitive to heat, don’t leave your filled propane tank in a hot, enclosed area for extended periods of time. Put the tank in your vehicle or trailer, get it directly to where it’s going, take it out and store it appropriately.

Always Store and Move the Tank In an Upright Position

This is one of the most important things to remember about propane tanks. They should always be stored and transported in an upright position. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. It has everything to do with the vapor space between the liquid and the safety release valve on top of the tank.

Keep your summer safe and free from dangerous mishaps. Always use common sense and safety precautions when storing or moving a propane tank from one location to another.

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