Get A Used Step Van Body To Convert Into A Food Truck

These days, it’s hard to drive down the street without seeing a food truck or two handing out barbecue, hot dogs, sandwiches, fruit cups – you name it. In this workaday world, with our hurry up society, food on the go is desirable and profitable. For that reason, lots of individuals have decided to start their own food truck business. Truth be told, it’s a great idea.

But getting started in any business can be a pricey endeavor. One way to save money right off the bat is by purchasing a used step van body from which to convert a food truck.

The Purchase of a Used Step Van

So, you want to start a food truck business. Awesome. Just how financially flexible are you? This is a question you’ll have to ask yourself before you purchase a step van with which to build your business. Your flexibility will need to be far less, however, if purchasing a used vehicle. That’s why it’s such a good idea. You can get a much cheaper price on a used step van than you will on a brand-new, shiny, pretty truck.

Even better news – you won’t have to start from scratch if you purchase the right used step van. As an example, there might already be a kitchen layout, and less retrofitting of accessories and fundamental elements, if you find someone selling a used bread van. That’s a lot less brainwork when considering what types of features you might have to add to the van. You just need to know, for your precise type of food truck, what other specific elements you’re going to need. A lot of that could depend on what type of culinary delight you will be serving from your truck.

Food Services and Step Vans Go Hand-In-Hand

Food service and step vans have long been associated with each other. Milk and baked goods have been delivered from forward control food trucks (step vans) since the good old days – around the 1930s. A wide variety of food types are sold from the same types of vehicles today. These travel all across the United States and range from classic ice cream trucks to vans that serve gourmet dishes.

Why a Step Van?

The key features that offer the perfect situation for a food truck are basically the abundant space and high roof provided by a step van. For storage purposes and quick passage, these are essential characteristics. Additionally, it’s easy to maximize efficiency and customize them to meet the precise requirements necessary. Easily added are accessories such as service stations, perforated window film, retractable awnings, security systems, televisions, speakers, and more. Want to go really elaborate? Consider a mobile kitchen with additional storage spaces, ventilation systems, advanced cooking equipment, etc.

Where Can You Go with Your New Food Truck?

Now you’re in business! Take your newly created meals on wheels to tours, events, festivals, and more. With a smaller investment than a store on a street corner, you have provided yourself an opportunity for awesome earning potential.

Note: While you are building your food truck, there are certain requirements, safety regulations, health, insurance, and licensing rules and regulations that must be complied with. Make sure that you’re aware of them and you abide by them.

Purchasing a used step van, and converting it to a food truck, is a great idea. Mickey Genuine Parts has used trailers, vans, trucks, etc. We also carry used party trucks, if that’s more your style. Because they are used, and more and more people are realizing the value of these used vehicles, they are hard to keep in stock. Make sure that you check current inventory before getting your heart set on one particular truck, van, or trailer. Contact us today to speak to a reliable representative about purchasing your used truck, van, or trailer from Mickey.

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