What’s New with Innovative Cab Interiors?

When your job consists of hauling freight across the country during all hours of the night and day, it’s important to be comfortable within your cab. And there’s more to it than an ergonomically correct seat, roominess, and handy vehicle controls. When you need to rest, you hop in the back of your cab. But in order for that sleeper cab to provide a good night’s rest, it should be as comfortable and practical as possible.

To ensure productivity, today’s truck manufacturers are taking full advantage of a trucker’s need for rest and want of comfort. When it comes to the room in the back of a cab, and the accessories that go into it, things are changing. Today’s long-haul truck/cab/tractorismore of a home away from home than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the improvements in today’s cabs.

Sit Down – Make Yourself at Home

In the back of the cab, a camper-like seating and eating area is being created with foldout benches/chairs and tables. A good amount of room is needed for this, of course. But with today’s tractors/cabs being created with roominess in mind, it won’t be a problem. If you travel with your spouse, this is a great little place for romantic breakfast or dinner while you’re on the road.

Convenience and Space

Comfort, though determined in part by the above suggested improvements, also depends on spaciousness. Extra space means extra amenities. And with today’s improvements, truckers no longer need to pull over at a truck stop to enjoy a good sit-down meal. Food preparation and storage can be done within today’s cabs thanks to microwaves, refrigerators, and limited counter space. With power inverters, and the trucks powerful battery, you can plug in most any device.

Additionally, you’ll feel like you’re truly at home with more space available. Long trips can be benefited by entertainment breaks with Blu-ray players and sizable, wall-mounted flat screen televisions coming into vogue. To make the most of the living space in sleeper cabs, decent size closets are being added as well. It’s more of a mini camper and less of a sleeper compartment that allows today’s truckers the chance to refresh and recharge.

Sleep Comfort

You would, of course, expect temperature controls in a sleeper cab. These days, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. In the interest of further comfort, beds are getting bigger. Space is being maximized to its full capacity. When today’s larger beds are not in use, they are folded up to create more space for things other than sleeping. This is where the fold-down tables and benches/chairs come in.

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