Advice For Building Your Own Marketing Trailer

Companies today need to reach the largest possible targeted audience. But they have to do it at a lower cost than ever before. How are they going about this? Imagination comes into play in a big way. Companies are putting to good use specially designed marketing trailers.

What Are Marketing Trailers Used For?

The marketing trailers of present day serve any number of purposes. The following are a handful of things that are being done with marketing trailers:

  • Create an experience – these days it’s all about immediate gratification, so provide some
  • A training environment – this way, training facilities can bring the training right to the door companies in need of training
  • Brand and marketing awareness – reach your audience through interaction, games, music, food, product samples, and more to create awareness
  • Educational and display showcasing – answer questions, demonstrate product uses, and educate the public or showcase products in style, on the go

Want to Create Your Own Marketing Trailer?

Here are a few tips for the individual interested in creating their very own marketing trailer. Keep in mind that, depending on what you are going to do with that trailer, there are endless specialty accessories and designs available.

Develop a logistical plan – remember, a marketing trailer requires a crew. There is maintenance, operational concerns, set up, and towing. To operate this trailer appropriately, you will need a team with which to do so. Regarding your crew of builders: To assure effective and timely answers to any questions that may arise, keep in contact with the builder of your marketing trailer and have their policy easily accessible.

Find a builder you can trust – unless you are the handiest do-it-yourselfer on the face of the earth, you will likely need to employ the services of a builder. This is a very customized market and takes a special kind of builder. A Google search can help you get started. Check with a builder’s past customers to see how they did. Did they finish up on time? If the builder has a fabrication facility, visit it. Find out what kind of warranties go with the work that they deliver. Consider asking the following additional questions of a potential builder:

From beginning to end, how does your process work?

What design will you work off of? Do I have any input in the design or will you, alone, be making it from scratch? What about engineering?

Throughout the process, who will my contact person be. If I have billing, technical, or design questions, who will I ask? And will I receive those answers in a timely manner?

Do some research and checking – how do other custom marketing trailer building companies in the area operate? Check them out. How is their customer service? Do they stand behind their trailers and offer repairs? What would you change about them? Analyze all of the information you gain in order to either choose your company from them, or choose a different company after comparing it to them.

What are your objectives and goals for the trailer – are you going for the quick, one-time accomplishment of a goal or will this trailer continuously need to be updated as a long-term project? In order to measure your goal performance, have a plan in place. You must be able to analyze your custom marketing trailer’s ROI and performance.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we have trucks, vans, and trailers (some of them used) available for conversion into marketing units, campers, food trucks, storage units, mini houses, and more. They are only as limited as the imagination of the person purchasing them. If you’d like to find out more about what Mickey has to offer, contact us today and speak to one of our experienced, knowledgeable customer service people.

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