Most Popular Cab Accessories for Commercial Drivers

Manufacturers of current day tractors/cabs/semi-trucks know that modern-day drivers want more than just a vehicle with which to pull a trailer. This is their home away from home and should be treated as such. Because of this new age concept, manufacturers are creating cabs that are roomier and more like mini campers than were the cabs of old. Of course, with more room, comes more cab accessories.

With all of that in mind, here are the most popular must-haves of today’s commercial over the road haulers. Not only will this include accessories for inside the cab, but personal accessories for the hip and trendy trucker.

What’s Today’s Best Dressed Trucker Wearing?

Sunglasses and Work Gloves – these are something that no trucker should be without and, unfortunately, every trucker loses or destroys on a frequent basis. Having backups is a great idea. Sunglasses prevent eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. Do yourself a favor and find a nice pair of polarizing sunglasses (or 10). Where work gloves are concerned, leather is, of course, a preference. But for a comfortable, breathable fit, go with the leather cowboy gloves as opposed to leather racing gloves.

Safety First

Just a quick mention of first-aid kits. No trucker should be without one. Even if you have one, check the supplies inside. Are they from the Civil War? Update your first-aid kit every so often so that you know you can trust what’s inside.

Kitchen in a Cab

As stated earlier, with larger cabs come more accessories. Extremely popular today is the mini fridge. Additionally, microwaves, storage cabinets, and counter top prep space are being seen. There is no need to stop at a truck stop if you can grab a healthy, tasty snack from your mini fridge. And if you have time, whip up something to place in a slow cooker (make sure that it is secured). That meal can be ready later on down the road. There’s nothing like a hot meal.

Speaking of Hot…

Today’s cabs are supplying their drivers with a number of handy electrical outlets. These outlets run off the battery of the truck, or can plug into an outside source. When it’s anything but hot outside, it can get cold in that cab. A nice electric blanket will help you sleep comfy and cozy.

Aftermarket Cab Accessories

Part truck part and part accessory, tire monitor systems are becoming all the rage. The monitor sits in the cab, the sensors are mounted on the truck tires, and the sensors’ signals are continuously sent to the driver. Prevent costly delays, blowouts,and high tire temperatures by constantly monitoring the system.

Entertainment Centers

Believe it or not, stereo systems, wall-mounted, flatscreen TVs, Blu-ray players, wireless Internet hotspots, laptops, and game consoles are making up the entertainment centers of today’s over the road trucker cabs. Some of these systems are likely better than the one in your living room!

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