What Are Cutaway Trucks?

Cutaway trucks, as the word ‘cutaway’ suggests, is a truck with an incomplete body. Its cabin is left open. The box shaped cargo compartment is attached to a chassis and can. By doing so, the cutaway truck is more spacious for your cargo. Other than being able to move more items, the cutaway truck is also designed to haul heavy cargo. Want to know more about the specific vehicle parts that constitute? Read on to find out more.

Chassis and Box Lengths

The length of your box needs to be very precise. If it is too long, it will be difficult for you to turn. Also, if you have a long box, chances are you will load more cargo than your truck can carry. This can damage your truck and business.

Chassis Wheel Size

Box trucks that are light can be installed with smaller wheels. You do not want a heavy cargo with a small wheel, or else it may affect your truck’s mobility.

Driver’s License

Cutaway trucks require qualifications. Commercial trucks like these need drivers to have technical skills at maneuvering a large vehicle. Not anyone who drives a car or lorry can drive a cutaway truck. For instance, a truck that weighs more than 26,000lbs should earn a license to do so.

Floor Type

The floor of your truck must be suitable for the type of cargo you are hauling. Wooden floors for instance, are not suitable when hauling liquids or foods. This is because should any of these consumables leak, the wood can absorb the moisture causing mold. It will also be difficult to clean. Wood materials are good for hauling heavier cargo.

Truck Doors

There are two types of doors; roll-up rear and swing-out rear. The former is perfect if the loading and unloading warehouse has a loading dock attached. The latter is not suitable for this because the doors cannot open while the truck is against the dock. So, be mindful about this.


Forklifts are required to load cargo from the dock at the warehouse onto the truck. By doing so, it makes things easier. If you are thinking of investing in a cutaway truck, it may be good for you to install a forklift with hardwood or steel plating. This makes your loading and unloading more efficient and safe.


Commercial trucks should have interior lighting installed. Especially if you are moving during the wee hours of the day or night, the last thing you want is a pitch black interior. There is a high risk of dropping the cargo while carrying them in the dark. There is also a high risk of injury because what if a cargo hits your employee’s face by accident? If you are looking to start a business using a cutaway truck, look no further than Mickey Part’s used trucks. Although they are used, and affordable, their durability is guaranteed by Mickey Parts. Once you have selected your truck, you can also browse through the upgrade materials such as flooring lighting and door parts to patch up your truck.

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