The Rise Of The Concession Trailer Business

Concession trailers are like vending trailers. They are places that you go to to get your snacks and drinks at carnivals, festivals and ballparks. This may be surprising to you but concession trailers are extremely popular right now. They attract a lot of customers. Want to know why they are so popular? Read on to find out more.

Low Start-up Cost

Concession trailers are relatively easy to set up. It has very low start up costs compared to setting up your shop in a shopping center. It was reported that the costs of starting a concession trailer is around $50,000 compared to setting up a restaurant which costs $275,000. A concession trailer is at least four times cheaper! If you are wondering if you can cut even more costs, you can work on your branding. A trailer with better advertising, and tight food concept can attract more customers!

Unique Food Items

Many of the world’s best foods are created in concession trailers.  Concession trailers offer a safe space for individuals to test their own creativity and invent new types of food. For example, you may find concession trailers that sell ethnic specialty cuisines, and handcrafted beers or brew coffee.

Freedom to Move Around

By selling food in a trailer, you are not shackled by the immutability of a fixed location. You can attract more customers by traveling to different parts of your city. This increases your visibility as well. It sure does feel good to be bringing the food to people as compared to the opposite. This business model is a unique one, and it is definitely sustainable although it may be tiring on your part. But if you are passionate about your food, this challenge can be overcome easily!

Ability to Provide Food for Special Events

It is an emerging trend now, for weddings, graduation parties to hire freelance concession trailers to provide food for these events. This is probably due to the rustic charm of the concession trailer, and the uniqueness of the food provided.

Social Media

Instagram, Tiktok and snapchat have all contributed to the visibility of concession trailers. Nowadays, people want to post pictures and videos of themselves eating unique food. It is a competition, almost. This benefits concession trailers as their food items are being featured. Furthermore, the bursting growth in numbers of concession trailers is probably due to the fact that more people are thinking that this is a lucrative business. And having people post pictures of your food on social media is free publicity! If you are considering having your own concession trailer to start this exciting business, you can start by looking at the range of used trailers by Mickey Parts. These trailers, although used, are guaranteed to be reliable and durable. Once you have chosen the concession trailer that you want, you can browse through the custom parts to upgrade your trailer. If you need any recommendations, contact Mickey Parts today! Mickey Parts is a reputable organization that sells vehicle parts that are of quality material.

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