Differentiating Step Vans And Box Trucks

Step vans and box trucks are important vehicles used for cargo delivery services. Step vans and box trucks are used for different specific purposes. For example, a box truck cannot be modified greatly while a step van allows modifications such that they are appropriate for your business needs. Most importantly, while these are both used for delivery of cargo, you need to consider what kind of cargo you are tasked to haul, and how far away is your destination. Read on to find out what the differences are so that you can choose which van is more appropriate for your business plans.

Engine Locations

There are two kinds of cabs for a truck. They are called conventional and cabover. The main difference is that the former places the engine prior to the steering wheel. The latter places the engine below the driver’s seat. This is really up to your preference.  But step vans usually use the conventional cab, while the box truck uses the cabover.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Step vans tend to be walk-in or multi-stop delivery trucks. The driver can sit or stand. With their rectangular shapes, the cab is detached from the cargo component with a door. These trucks are designed to deliver goods over long distances. They are also used as emergency vehicles. The large cargo area allows people to stand up in the cargo area. It is easy for them to alight and board the truck.

Weight Restrictions

A box truck is rectangular shaped and can hold 12,599 to 33,000 pounds of cargo. This depends on the length of the box. As box trucks can withstand a heavier load, they are often used to haul cargo over longer distances. This is a popular choice for trucks delivering boxes and boxes of groceries and produce. Conversely, step vans cannot hold heavy cargo. It is able to haul an average of 10,000 pounds. Given this important difference, choose your vehicle wisely so that you can cater to your business needs.

Gas Mileage

Many box trucks have bigger engines, which allow them to haul cargo over long distances. As a consequence, the gas mileage for box trucks has to be around eight to 14 gallons. This allows the box trucks to sustain long distances. The step van, however, uses gasoline. And the volume Is around 10 to 16 mpg. Step vans can also use diesel, which is around 12 to 15 miles per gallon. If you are thinking of getting a step van or box truck for your business needs, do check out Mickey Parts for their diverse range of van body parts to see if any of these suit your business needs. Mickey also provides services to upgrade your vans by installing functional parts. Mickey Parts’ products are high quality and durable. We have also built a reputation by working with major companies in their cargo moving process, and provided functional vans and trucks for them to carry out their business operations. If you are interested, contact Mickey Parts today!

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