Vehicle Camera Systems Are Replacing Mirrors

There can be little doubt that one of the most commonly used truck driver tools, or any driver pulling a trailer, are the mirrors. But mirrors may soon fall victim to today’s technology. They are being replaced with cameras. With in-cab screens, truckers can now replace rear view and side view mirrors and still stay completely aware of their surroundings. Fuel savings will be realized through improved aerodynamics, and the field of vision for drivers will be boosted, improving safety.

Europe Tests the Theory

Since 2016, camera systems are being used to replace mirrors on trucks in Europe (and some areas of the United States). The Mirror Eye System is being used in combination with mirrors on prototype vehicles just until it has proven itself worthy. So successful has the testing been that a request to remove the mirrors has been put in to the Department of Transportation. By the end of this year, US commercial businesses hope to be selling the system on a regular basis once approval has been gained. (For use without mirrors.)

A Big Safety Boost

The safety being offered by these camera systems applies not only to truckers but to all other drivers around them. The expansion of a driver’s field of vision is invaluable. With mirrors, ice, rain, fog, poor night visibility, solar glare, and blind spots came into play on a regular basis. The new camera lenses on these systems not only resist moisture (thanks to a state-of-the-art coating) but guard against frost and ice because they are heated.

Camera views can include the over the front hood blind spot, the area behind the truck, the ground on each side of the truck, and views of the adjacent lanes.

Why Buy Your Vehicle Cameras from Mickey?

It is important to Mickey Genuine Parts that we stay on the leading edge of our industry. We carry a number of cameras and camera systems to provide safety and convenience to drivers. Here are couple of systems currently in stock (stocked items change so check for availability before ordering):

Rearview Camera System (with Quick Disconnect/Connect) for Trailers – For the fifth wheel application, this backup camera system is ideal. The system comes with mounts, wires, and connectors; 50-foot infrared night vision 130 CCD camera; automatic system switch with three channels; mirror image capable 5.6-inch TFT LCD digital color monitor with crystal clear image. Within IP68 rating, the fifth wheel rearview camera system is virtually weatherproof. The quick disconnect/connect cable, to camera, is 66 feet; to monitor, 26 feet; and has a pigtail of 12 feet. The system is reliable and strong, and the camera has the highest vibration rating in the industry (100 G vibration rating and 20 G shock rating). A full year warranty is included.

Rearview Camera System for Beverage Bodies and Van Bodies – This mirror image capable backup camera system offers a 5.6-inch TFT digital LCD color monitor that is crystal clear. With an automatic system switch, up to three cameras can be connected to the system. Included are all of the mounts, connectors, and wires that you’ll need; and a 50-foot infrared night vision capable 130 CCD camera. With the highest impact rating in the industry, the rearview system provides a 20 G impact rating, is shock resistant, reliable and strong, and is weatherproof with an IP 68 rating.

At Mickey, we also have, in stock, used trailers, numerous accessories, and a wide array of parts. Contact one of the professionals at Mickey Genuine Parts today to see how we can be of assistance to you.

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