Utility Trailers: Back To Basics

Are you, or someone you know, thinking about hauling a number of items in the near future? If you don’t have a pickup truck, you’re not likely to run out and buy one just to haul some stuff. A utility trailer would be the more likely option. But what if you don’t know anything about utility trailers? Fear not.

You may choose to simply rent a trailer for a one-time use. If you think you’re going to need a trailer again in the future, and repeatedly after that, you may consider buying a trailer. There are new and used trailers available, depending on how much money you need to save.

The following is a little bit of information, and some factors to consider, regarding utility trailers to help you familiarize yourself in record time.

Detail Oriented

Be sure to verify details, either over the phone or online, with the company you are renting or buying your trailer from. If you’re buying a trailer from the previous owner, you can ask them specific questions. If you are buying or renting a trailer from a manufacturer or rental company, consider utilizing the manufacturer/customer support center to verify details.

How Will You Use Your Trailer?

How will you be using your trailer and how long will you be using it for? Will you need it more than once? As an example, let’s say that you wanted to transport boxes or cartons of a particular product. Will the trailer that you rent or buy support the weight and bulk of the cartons? (There can be a lot of products contained within a carton – and that means a lot of weight, in many cases.) How long is it going to take to load, move, and unload all of those products? Can it be done in just one day? Will it need to be done again? Consider what you’re going to be lugging around and how the trailer’s features and safety specifications measure up.

How Are You Towing the Trailer?

if you’re using an SUV, a truck, minivan, or a small sedan with which to pull a trailer, it could matter. You don’t want to stress out the vehicle’s frame or bumper. You must know the towing capacity of your vehicle before you can rent or buy a trailer and load it up. Check your vehicle’s manual for this information. If you don’t have a manual, either call the manufacturer (for a manual) or go online and search for the information you need.

Different Trailers Have Different Features

Features and equipment vary from trailer to trailer. Buying a used trailer could ensure the most bells and whistles if the former owner has sunk some time and money into the trailer. Renting a trailer might mean renting the bare basics and paying for additional options.

Buy Your Trailer Accessories from Mickey

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