No Matter What… Driving And Texting Don’t Mix!

You hear it on TV and on the radio. You even see it posted on billboards along the highway – Don’t Text and Drive! And though an undesirable part of today’s culture and frequently committed by so many, this mortal sin of the driving community causes more and more crashes, injuries, and deaths than is imaginable.

Texting and driving is distracted driving. And distracted driving causes accidents. Here are a handful of reasons why no one should be texting while they are driving.

It’s Against The Law!

More and more states are making texting and driving (together) illegal. And whether you’re familiar with a particular location’s law or not, if you’re caught texting while driving in a state that has declared it illegal, you will be ticketed. You could even lose your license in addition to paying a fine.

To eliminate this problem altogether, manufacturers are working on technology that will, while the engine of a truck or car is running, block of phone’s ability to operate.

Fatal Head on Collisions

Without even realizing it, if someone is texting and driving, they are likely weaving in and out of their lane. Once a vehicle crosses over that centerline, a head-on collision is almost inevitable. There are only inches between cars going in opposite directions, at the middle-of-the-road. In the blink of an eye, a situation such as this turns deadly.

Hundreds of Feet in Seconds

Truthfully, how many times have you checked your makeup, adjusted the radio, glanced down to read something, and when you looked up you had traveled further than you thought (or were dangerously out of your lane)? The reason is that several hundred feet pass by for every second that you look away. Even though that text only took you a few seconds, you may well have traveled the entire length of a football field or more. A lot can happen in that time and distance. A lot of bad things.

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

With all of the technology that is encased within the interior of your car or truck, there are plenty of other distractions without needing texting as an additional one. Attention must be paid to charging stations, seat warmers, navigation systems, you name it. You practically need a degree in technology to operate some of today’s vehicles. There are even televisions in today’s cars and trucks!

Do we really need to add texting to the list of distractions?

Maybe You Weren’t Texting, But…

If you are one of the responsible drivers out there who never texts while operating a vehicle, good for you. You deserve a very sincere pat on the back. Unfortunately, it may not help save you from other distracted drivers. If you are paying close attention while driving, you still may not be able to avoid a distracted driver. But if you are distracted as well, this is a deadly combination. If for no other reason, pay close attention to the road while driving to protect yourself and those in your vehicle.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we encourage you to never, ever text while driving. The safety of everyone on the road is not only every driver’s concern but the concern of Mickey Genuine Parts, as well. That’s why we carry various safety components and accessories for trucks and trailers. Check out our inventory today or contact us if you would like to speak to a representative about parts, trailers, accessories, and more.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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