Upgrading Your Commercial Fleet In A Timely Manner Goes A Long Way

When it comes to delivering materials and goods, fleets are depended upon by some of today’s biggest businesses. Countless business partners and customers rely heavily on trucking fleets. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to consider upgrading your commercial fleet.

Big Business and Fleets

Depending on the size of the company, more than just a handful of commercial vehicles are used. Many of these vehicles provide minimum comfort and were purchased with the most basic equipment. A lot of money is generated by the use of these fleets. Even so, to make them more reliable and efficient, even big companies rarely invest in their fleets the money it would take to perform significant upgrades. This can be a big mistake.

Over a short period, significant wear and tear can be experienced by fleet vehicles – be they trucks, cars, or otherwise. On a daily basis, these vehicles are extensively used leading to a variety of problems. But to improve the dependability and efficiency of fleet vehicles, there are certain upgrades that should be considered by the business.

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

As suggested above, frequently, fleet vehicles are chosen for minimum comfort and with only the necessary, basic equipment. It is that the smartest choice? When purchasing vehicles for a fleet, every entrepreneur must consider the most important factors.

Granted, one important criterion is price. But it should not be considered the most essential part of the equation. Here are some examples: High fuel efficiency and small vehicles should be the focus of the purchaser for a fleet used for a sales business. But heavy-duty trucks should always be used by contractors.

Speaking of Fuel Efficiency…

Huge fuel costs can be generated by commercial fleets. Constantly improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicles helps save on fuel costs. Because the government is interested in decreasing fuel consumption overall, they offer registration fee and tax reliefs to individuals and companies that purchase electric or hybrid vehicles.

Maintenance Costs Should Be Reduced

Upgrading your fleet can end up not only increasing the lifespan of the vehicle but can result in reducing maintenance costs. Saving on maintenance costs means more money for vehicle purchases, more upgrades, and building a bigger business.

Technology Is Ever Improving

In this high-tech world, numerous advancements have been made in transportation. Some of the most significant innovations are in the area of safety equipment. Upgrading your vehicles with additional airbags, hands-free smart phone connections, rear view cameras, navigation systems, and more can improve employee satisfaction and decrease service and delivery times. When it’s time to upgrade your fleet, remember that Mickey Genuine Parts not only sells every upgrade part you will likely need, but can do the work at one of our Mickey certified service centers. They are conveniently located throughout the United States. If you would like to talk to someone about ordering a part, scheduling work, or simply have questions, feel free to contact us via phone, email, or by letter.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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