How to Safely Crank the Landing Gear of Your Beverage Trailer

It’s that time again. Time to either drop off or pick up a trailer. Part of drop-offs and pickups is the task of cranking the landing gear of your beverage trailer. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s Time to Crank Your Landing Gear

To those not in-the-know, it may seem like an easy job, cranking up or down the landing gear. But if there’s not enough space between trailers, there is damage to the assembly, or a lack of lubrication, it can become a real chore.

Even if there is no damage to the landing gear and it has been properly maintained, it’s still easy enough to injure your face, back, wrist, or shoulder. And for a driver, injuries like that can be not only painful but financially devastating. To avoid injury, safety precautions are critical. The proper technique and posture can help reduce the possibility of injuries. To help keep drivers safer, let’s take a look at some tips where manually cranking the landing gear is concerned.

Positioning Your Face, Good Posture, And Back Positioning

Make sure that your face is always well away from the handle swing.

The likelihood of back injury can be significantly decreased if, while applying force, you avoid twisting your back.

With your non-cranking hand, brace yourself against the trailer. Always maintain good posture.

Visual Inspections and Reporting

Before cranking, always thoroughly inspect your equipment. The maintenance department should be notified of any problems that you find. On your DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) make sure that all defects are documented.

Are You in the Right Gear?

The correct gear is of the utmost importance. There is low gear and high gear. Sliding the crankshaft out or in is how one of the two gears is selected. To be sure how to engage the gears, and for lowering and raising directions, check for a decal showing the information.

Patience Is a Virtue

The crank should never be operated with a “Speed Spin” method. You can lessen the probability of shoulder injuries by practicing a little patience and cranking at a reasonable speed.

Trailer Positioning

When coupling, compared to the fifth wheel, the trailer should be slightly lower. This can help to relieve the pressure of a trailer that is loaded because it causes the trailer to lift.

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