Understanding Different Food Trailer Wrap Elements

As well as being cost-efficient in the work field, to provide customer convenience, a great job is being done by food trailers. But, if you own a food trailer, have you ever considered the impression made on the public when they see your trailer? Could it use a little extra attention?

When people purchase your products and services, they’ve made a conscious decision. But anyone who sees your trailer could potentially be a future customer. High priority should be given to first impressions. The right food trailer wrap can convey a positive visual impression. Customized vinyl wraps can take your trailer’s current appearance and pick it up considerably.

Vehicle Wraps – Visual Aspects

Standard, aluminum wraps are okay. But more benefits are offered by today’s super effective, customized vinyl wraps.

Vehicle wraps in general, of course, offer free advertising and branding on an enlarged level. You’re basically a moving billboard. Public purchasing decisions can be influenced just by them seeing your trailer drive by. A well-designed vehicle element helps to support your business and encourage consumers to buy. In the purchasing decisions of prospective clientele, a crucial difference can be made by the contact information, description, and business name on the side of your trailer.

When designing a wrap, take into account the condensed guide below.

Design Principles Should Be Kept In Balance

To draw people’s attention naturally, there are basic design principles and balance that must be applied. In a way that’s aesthetically pleasing, your wrap should reel in and lead the human eye of potential customers. Design principles can be narrowed down to approximately four, which are as follows:

  • Repetition – Use similar characteristics and consistency.
  • Alignment – Your design elements should all be in alignment with each other.
  • Proximity – Appropriately space dissimilar items but, make sure that similar elements are in close proximity.
  • Contrast – Your design elements should stand out from one another.


To any good design, one key visual element is graphics. The selection of the right graphics, much like the right fonts, is somewhat of an art. When choosing your wrap design, here are some general suggestions:

  • Whenever possible, use graphics sparingly.
  • Go with a simple design when you’re using graphics.
  • Relevant to your business, your graphics should take into consideration the origin of your product, your location, an illustration of the product – all should be tied in with appropriate visuals that are important to your business.


Fonts that are standard are boring and do little for your business name. To add personality, consider an imaginative font. When trying to decide which font to go with, consider the following:

  • It’s okay to use different sizes of fonts.
  • It’s also all right to use dissimilar fonts, as long as they are not fighting with each other.
  • Limit your fonts to three throughout the entire design, possibly stopping at two.
  • From far away, make sure that your font is readable.
  • Think about the personality of your business and your style. Your chosen font should fit with both.


Without the basic necessary information, even the most outstandingly designed wrap is worthless where your business is concerned. First and foremost, of course, is your business’s name or logo. Additionally, a quote, slogan, or some short subtitle is suggested. Make sure that your email and/or business phone number is included. If you have one – and you should – make sure that all your social media pages/websites are advertised. Are you available for catering? If so, include it.

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