What Are The Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes For Work Trucks?

Passenger cars, semis, recreational vehicles, work trucks, and more… What do they all have in common? Answer: For what should be obvious reasons, you cannot skip, nor can you take lightly regular oil changes.

There are numerous moving parts that make up truck engines. For them to work properly, they must receive adequate lubrication. Oil breaks down over time, accumulating dust, dirt, and grime which contaminate it. How is your truck performing? It might need an oil change if you’re receiving less than adequate levels of performance from one or more of your fleet’s work trucks.

Not convinced? When it comes to your work trucks, here are five reasons why oil changes are an absolute must.

Engine Components Cool Better

One of the last things you need out on the road is an overheated engine. Under the hood, heat and excess friction can be prevented, in part, by regular oil changes. Damaging temperature levels are less likely to be reached with clean oil running through your engine.

Fuel Efficiency/Mileage Improves

Good gas mileage is an absolute must whether you’re running a quick business transaction, making an essential delivery, or traveling a long distance. Your truck will operate more efficiently with regular oil changes. Why? Because good, clean oil is lubricating your engine at all times.

Remember: Before any long journey, at least check when the last time your oil was changed. If it’s close to changing time, do so.

A Clean Engine Is a Happy Engine

Combustion byproducts, accumulated dirt, and other particles that wear on your engine will be removed with regular oil changes. If ignored, complex engine problems can result from these materials flowing through your truck’s parts and components.

Vehicle Longevity Is Promoted By Clean Oil

Unless you don’t mind buying brand-new vehicles on a frequent basis, you want to get the longest life you can out of your fleet. Not only can performance be improved, but the life of your vehicle could be extended with regular oil changes. Engine parts are made to work at a precise level. If they work harder than they’re supposed to, they don’t last as long. One of the biggest reasons they’ll have to work too hard is that unresolved sludge buildup is interfering with their performance. Sludge can lead to mechanical failure, hold in excess heat, and cause other detrimental effects.

Reason Number Five – Emissions

Vehicles contribute harmful emissions, like carbon, to the atmosphere. Your vehicle is less likely to contribute these pollutants if you’re running a clean engine.

Mickey Genuine Parts For Oil Changes and More

Is an oil change that big of a deal where involvement and hard work are concerned? No, it is not. That does not, however, mean you have time to do oil changes in every one of your fleet’s vehicles, all on your own. Even if you only have one or two vehicles, it takes time to change the oil – and time is money.

You can count on Mickey Genuine Parts for unexpected maintenance, routine inspections, scheduled maintenance like oil changes, and much more. For your convenience, we have Mickey certified service centers located throughout the United States.

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