Trucking Tips for Keeping Perishables Cool While Increasing Fuel Savings

You’ve probably already received numerous trucking tips to get you through winter. But winter won’t last forever. Just around the corner are those sweltering, humid conditions that make it far more difficult to keep your perishables cool. Add a serious attempt at saving on fuel costs to that, and you have a seemingly impossible task on your hands. But there are ways that you can keep those perishables cool and still manage to save on fuel costs.

Fuel Costs and Food Temperatures

Unfortunately, as temperatures rise it seems that fuel prices do the same. For today’s motor carriers, the vehicle-based expense that tops the list is fuel. In recent years, it can account for as much as 39% of a company’s costs. Add to that the need to keep certain foods frozen, cold, or cool in warm outdoor temperatures – especially when trailer and truck doors are opening and closing on a regular basis – and… good luck!

The people at Mickey Genuine Parts are going to give you some tips as to how fuel costs can be realized but your foods can stay cold – both at the same time.

Top Three Tips For Saving On Fuel And Keeping Loads Cold

  1. Insulated bulkheads – Transporters can shorten their load with these. After you have dumped off a portion of your load, without insulated bulkheads to shorten your load, you are cooling empty space. Refrigerated space can be compressed with bulkheads reducing fuel consumption and refrigeration unit burden. You can also separate dry inventory from refrigerated inventory with insulated bulkheads.
  2. Tire inflation – Poor fuel economy is frequently the result of tires that are underinflated or improperly used. A 1% reduction in fuel economy can result for every 10 pounds of under inflation per square inch.
  3. Correct operating – There are specific ways in which trucks must be driven and trailers must be hauled. That’s why it’s best left up to professional transport people. Here are a few things that can drop your fuel economy, when going over 55 mph, by 1/10 of a mile per gallon and more:
  • rapid deceleration
  • rapid acceleration
  • operating in an inappropriate gear
  • excessive idling
  • excessive speed

In the Market for a Refrigerated Trailer?

For those frugal minded individuals that want to save money, check with a Mickey representative regarding our used trailers. We have reefers and other types of used trailers. Mickey carries insulated containers and covers, side and rear curtains, insulated trailer bulkheads, and more to help conserve fuel and energy while keeping your inventory cool and away from the summer elements.

Mickey Genuine Parts Makes a Difference

Why should you go with Mickey for your parts, accessories, service needs, and more? Mickey Genuine Parts offers articles such as this because we care about our consumers. That care goes into everything we sell and do – from our smallest parts to our customer service to our certified service centers throughout the United States. Mickey is a leader in the industry because we make sure that our customers receive the best of everything. Contact one of our specialists today to experience the Mickey difference for yourself and find out why more and more individuals and companies trust Mickey Genuine Parts.

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