Never Neglect Party Trailer Maintenance

Everybody’s always going on and on about truck maintenance. But what about the trailer? Yes, of course, truck maintenance is essential. Without good truck maintenance, you’re not going anywhere with that trailer. But without your trailer, your truck isn’t of as much use as with your trailer. For our purposes here today, we’re going to specifically concentrate on party trailer maintenance, why you do it, how to do it, and more.

Security Is Important

And by security we mean winches, ratchets, chains, straps, and other types of tiedowns and securing methods. In straps, look for embedded particles, loose stitching, snags, cuts, tears, and holes. On exterior hooks and winches, make sure that rust is not taking over. Check your inside logistics racks for looseness and all other securing hardware.

Cleanliness – For Aesthetics and So Much More

When your trailer is cleaner, it is far easier to spot potential issues. At the very least, every 45 days, thoroughly wash and inspect the outside of your trailer. It’s not unheard of, in some cases, to do a more thorough, detailed inspection on your trailer every 60 days. Post-trip and pre-trip inspections are, for the most part, the best times for inspections. Make yourself a checklist.

Light Up Your Life and Your Trailer

Electrical connections for lights and other electrical parts can be damaged by deicers used on today’s highways. That kind of corrosion can spread throughout the rest of the vehicle as well. At connection points, replace grease as necessary and regularly inspect harness systems, wires, and lamps.

Check Your Brakes

While performing wheel and or brake service, make sure that you check your brake drum conditions. If you don’t think they’ll make it until the next maintenance inspection, replace them.

Grease It up!

One good way to assure proper party trailer operation is to lube everything in the correct amount. Pay attention to the performance rating, grade, and thickening system of your grease. Use the right stuff and don’t mix them together! Pump in enough new grease to get rid of all the aged grease. Check your owner’s manual for the right kind of grease.

Suspension Inspection

Air spring heat cracks and tears or irregular wear can be visually checked for during suspension inspection. Nothing should hamper the movement of the suspension or be touching it. Equal, sufficient pressure should be present in air springs. Always make sure that you have the correct ride height to make full use of air-ride suspension.

Of the Utmost Importance – Check Your Air

No, this does not refer to your air conditioning system. To assure efficient, proficient, and safe operation of your tires they must be inflated properly. In some cases, inflation/monitoring systems are used. Check the system for proper operation and always check your tires and valves for leaks if trouble persists.

If your tires are wearing unevenly, there is likely a problem – i.e., issues with axle alignment, shock absorbers, suspension, or the undercarriage.

Both In and out

There is an inside and an outside to your trailer. Frequently, the outside gets lots of attention from owners, but they forget to take a look inside. Whatever is inside your trailer is going to get damaged by moisture if aluminum cross members are broken or the roof has holes in it.

Always Look at the Big Picture

And that big picture is comprised of smaller pictures. When you look for the little things, you can frequently prevent the big things going bad. Prevent those large repair bills with some smaller ones and regularly scheduled maintenance. Look at it this way: if it goes down and up; or if it slides, or if it moves at all; on a regular basis, it should be inspected.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry used party trailers and other trailer selections. We also have certified service centers throughout the United States for the maintenance, upkeep, repair, and customization of your trailers. Contact us at Mickey today to find out what we can do for you where parts, trailers, customization, and maintenance are concerned.

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