How to Maintain Your Beverage Trailer Diesel Engine

Every beverage transporter knows that truck and trailer maintenance is an essential part of the transport business. And beverage trailer diesel engine maintenance is no exception. Costly repairs can be reduced, everyone stays safer, and many time-consuming breakdowns can be avoided through proper preventative maintenance. Diesel engines in particular need special attention. Let’s look at a number of warning signs that may signal that something may be going wrong with your diesel engine. Let’s also talk about maintaining that diesel engine.

Are You Ready for the Road?

A pre-trip inspection is an important part of getting ready to hit the road. Problems are frequently less expensive to fix the earlier they are detected. Your engine performance could be affected by the following three things (which should be checked or executed before you hit the road):

  • Fuel vents – Do you know who thinks that your fuel vent makes a great home? Insects. Wasps are one of the biggest invaders here. Remove debris and insect nests to prevent a clogged fuel vent and pricey engine damage.
  • Radiators – Your engine will overheat if your radiator is not up to par. During routine maintenance and before every trip, it should be checked. If radiator fluid is not up to the acceptable level, top it off. Repair any leaks that you find immediately.
  • Oil changes and inspections – The oil should be changed, and the oil level inspected regularly. Before every trip, check your oil. Costly repair bills can result from an engine that was harmed due to dirty oil or a low oil level.

Is There a Problem with Your Diesel Engine?

During a run, a problem may rear its ugly head. You need to know what the warning signs are so that severe damage doesn’t result. Take a look at some typical problems:

Where There’s Smoke…

Unless you just lit up and are planning on enjoying a premium cigar during your drive, smoke is probably not a good thing. Always keep an eye out for smoke, and pay attention to the color of the smoke if you notice it:

  • Blue smoke – Piston rings or cylinders may be worn out.
  • Black smoke – Damaged injectors or dirty filters may be an issue.
  • White smoke – Timing issues or problems with engine compression could be the cause.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines… Or Not

If you have difficulty starting your engine or it won’t start, do the following:

  • Check for clean, sufficient fuel.
  • Make sure filters are not clogged.
  • Check the injectors, air filters, fuel lines, fuel pump, starter connection, and battery.

Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Your Engine?

Get your engine checked immediately if it is overheating. In order to cool things off, here are a handful of good driving habits:

  • When climbing a hill, shut off your air conditioner.
  • Use lower gears when driving in hot weather.
  • Check for damage on belts and fans.
  • Inspect tires, brakes, and axles.
  • Watch for radiator clogs.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry used beverage trailers as well as other types of trailers. All of our diesel engines have been gone over by our expert service people. If your diesel engine needs work, we have certified service centers throughout the United States. Contact Mickey today if you would like to discuss purchasing a used beverage trailer or if you would like to schedule service for your diesel engine.

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