Truck Drivers Should Never Neglect Their Long-Term Health

For hours on end, truck drivers sit in one position, seldom getting up to even stretch their legs. With the concentration involved in logging, driving, navigating, etc., their long-term health usually falls to the wayside. Truck drivers who are new to the industry have a particularly hard time remembering to exercise and eat healthy. Fortunately, to improve both mental and physical health during extensive travel periods, there are a few easy steps which can be taken.

Reducing Stress Is Key To Mental and Physical Health

There are numerous long and short-term health complications that can be linked to stress. Finding an outlet through which to relieve stress is essential during long trips. To keep stress levels at a minimum, find something that you enjoy, be it a hobby, exercise, etc. The rest of these health tips will be easier once your stress level has been reduced.

Your Brain Needs a Workout

All too often, when we refer to exercise, we think only about our bodies. But mental health is equally essential. Without taking your attention away from the road, find some mentally stimulating activity that you enjoy. This can include audiobooks, podcasts, music, and more.

Learning tapes, CDs, or audiobooks are a good form of mental stimulation, without being particularly distracting. Both your professional and personal life can be enhanced through this type of activity. Why not learn well you earn?

Be Sure to Hydrate!

And when we refer to hydrate, we mean water. Just like you have to use the appropriate fluids with which to maintain your truck, you need to do the same for your body. Water is the best way, by far, to hydrate. Dehydration can result in cramps, fatigue, painful headaches, and more. Long trips are easier to handle when you are energized by proper hydration.

And, whereas, there are certain health benefits which can be attributed to coffee consumption, don’t go crazy on caffeine. A nap goes a lot further toward reenergizing your mind and body than does coffee.

Rethink Your Food Choices

On the road eating can be challenging. Truck drivers have to do their best to keep their diet healthy and pure. Packing lunches, dinners, and snacks is helpful. You can reduce feeling sluggish after eating by focusing on easily digested, unprocessed foods such as fruits and vegetables. They are easier to digest.

Busy Schedules Need Dedicated Time for Exercise

Understanding that excess time on the road leaves little time for exercise, it is important for truck drivers to make time. It doesn’t have to be hour after hour of exercising, either. Without spending the time or money on a gym membership, here are a few things you can do to get some exercise:

  • Exercises involving body weight (i.e., push-ups, lunges, squats, etc.)
  • Small/light weightlifting (i.e., hand weights which can be used while driving)
  • Jogging or walking
  • Invest in a folding bicycle and take it with you on the road

You Have To Sleep Sometime!

Far too many truck drivers are guilty of spending way too many hours on the road and ignoring the need to sleep, until it’s too late. Both physical and mental health are affected by a lack of sleep. High blood pressure and weight gain are also possible dangers of not getting enough sleep. Don’t make sleeping your last priority.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we are concerned about the safety, health, and welfare of our clients. That’s why we provide numerous safety parts, equipment, and components that can assist drivers in watching over their on-the-road welfare. Some of these consist of equipment that can simply be carried in or on the truck or trailer. Others require installation. To assist with the latter, we have certified service centers throughout the nation. Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance in keeping you, your cargo, and your truck or trailer safer.

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