Should You Wrap Or Paint Your Food Trailers?

It’s the burning question in the minds of many food trailer and truck owners. Should you wrap or paint your food trailer or truck? It’s not as much of a dilemma as we tend to make it, however. Many food truck and trailer owners, particularly those who have experienced both wrapping and painting, lean more toward wrapping. In fact, most of the trucks you see on today’s highways and byways have not been painted but wrapped instead. The benefits of wrapping are many. But let’s take a closer look at the whole picture.

 Wraps – Lifespan and Cost

What is the expected lifespan of a wrap? Routinely, 5 to 7 years can be expected from most wraps before they begin to show their age (fade). In some cases, there are ways to increase the lifespan, so be sure to ask the technician applying your wrap about such concerns.

Most wraps can fall into a price category between $3000 and $5000. The specific cost is determined by a number of factors. Here are a few:

  • The size of your trailer or truck (bigger vehicles need larger wraps)
  • In order to execute your vision, what design resources will be required
  • The company that is doing the work for you

To check on the workmanship provided by a particular company, don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of wraps they have done in the past. Some of these companies even post this kind of thing on their website. Check that there are no air pockets or visual bubbles within the wrap, if possible. Are they a certified installer of 3M wraps? A certain level of training is required for employees to fall under that certified installer qualification.

Wrap Maintenance

Maintenance is easy after your final wrap is installed. To make sure that it’s clean, just like with any other vehicle, you wash regularly with water and soap. Wraps, though they can be waxed, should be treated carefully – some waxes are too large. Basically, the ongoing care is minimalist.

What About Painting?

Painted vehicles these days are a rarity when it comes to food truck and trailers. When painting, it can be hard to get the precise colors, fonts, and bright graphics you’re looking for. With wraps, on the other hand, colors, logos, and more can be very precise. This is because images on wraps are computer-generated and then printed for the exact product required.

Does It Ever Make Sense to Paint?

On occasion, paint may be a more appropriate choice, however. Cost wise, painting can run (for a simple, basic paint job on a small to midsized truck or trailer) $2000 or so. More extensive details, colors, designs, etc., cost more. You may end up spending as much as you would have on the wrap, after all. And unless you are some awesome kind of artist, and familiar with all of the ups and downs of vehicle painting, doing it yourself can be a real disaster.

If you need your food truck or trailer wrapped or painted, you can rely on the Mickey technicians to do a stellar job. And the job they do will be of superb, extreme quality. But that’s what Mickey Genuine Parts is known for, after all – extreme quality. If you would like to discuss rapping or painting your food truck or trailer, contact us at Mickey to discuss the options and details. And if you need a new or used truck or trailer, Mickey is also a great choice. We have many from which to choose.

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