How To Purchase The Right Semi Truck Tires

If you drive a semi-truck, there’s a strong possibility that you do it for a living. It’s how you pay your bills, your mortgage, clothing, etc. You’re probably also aware of the importance of ongoing maintenance when it comes to your semitruck and trailer. To keep that truck of yours running at peak performance, some investments (many being substantial) are required. When it comes to truck tires, quality is important.

Tricks of the Trade When It Comes to Tires

When it’s time to replace your tires, cheaper isn’t better (in most cases). Here are a number of things to keep in mind the next time you buy tires for your truck.

  • For dependable products and better delivery time, go with a major, reliable, trusted, established brand.
  • Make sure that your warranty terms are clearly defined by the manufacturer of your tires.
  • “Cheap” and “cost-effective” don’t necessarily mean the same thing. Take into consideration tire life when you look at the cost.
  • Overall tire wear is increased by aggressive braking. More consistent stopping can be achieved by use of electronic breaking controls.
  • When tire pressure is too low, friction is created. Increased resistance means less fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires can also result in tread separation, blowouts, and tire overheating.
  • Endurance and durability are qualities of harder tires. Better fuel efficiency is also provided by them. But, there could be a decrease in traction under certain conditions. There is also a comfort level to consider. The road is better gripped by softer semi tires. And though they decrease fuel efficiency and wear down faster, they do provide a softer ride.
  • When considering the quality of tires, pay close attention to where they are manufactured. There are no DOT codes in many foreign countries, which frequently provide cheaper tires. If you would like to look at a good list of tires published by the EPA, click here.

How to Make Those Tires Last

Extend the life of your truck tires with these ongoing maintenance tips:

  • According to manufacturer recommendation, for each wheel, verify maximum load limits.
  • Softer tires might be a good choice if you drive in weather conditions that are ever-changing.
  • Perform inspections on a regular basis and follow a rotation schedule.
  • Check for signs of bearing wear frequently. Uneven wear can be a sign of bad bearings, poor alignment, etc.
  • Always be sure the tires are inflated properly.

What About Retreads?

Retreads are used by military vehicles, fire engines, school buses, and aircraft. Why should trucking fleets be any different? As long as the manufacturers of your retreads adhere to recommended practices and highly stringent industry regulations, and you stick with major brand suppliers that are licensed and franchised, you will be more likely to purchase safe, reliable retreads.

As a matter of fact, in the trucking industry every year, over $3 billion is saved by the use of retread truck tires. But be sure to keep track of how often you’re replacing your retreads an consider which is the better investment for you – new tires or retreads.

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