Truck Drivers Are Enjoying a New Amazon App

There is a new app in town, and it goes by the name “Relay”. It was put out by Amazon, and its purpose is to assist truck drivers with delivery times. In order to more efficiently maneuver Amazon’s huge warehouses, this app will allow transport drivers to make deliveries and pickups in an expedited manner.

The app rolled out on Android and Apple stores, according to CNBC, and it gives drivers the chance to use their smartphones to speed the pickup and delivery process.

How Does “Relay” Work?

In advance, a delivery driver inputs information regarding their cargo. They then scan their smartphones allowing them to check in or check out of warehouses or other facilities. Further plans by Amazon (though by the posting of this piece, it may already be in effect) include warehouses having specially designated lanes that will be used to get Relay users in and out even quicker.

Why A Special App?

The need for this exclusive Amazon app is the recent increase by Amazon into trucking. This ‘new’ concept is similar to what tech giant Convoy, a nicely funded Seattle startup, has already been doing with shippers and truckers. Amazon’s app will concentrate on operations at an international level, of course.

Everyone’s Jumping Onboard The Improvements Train

Amazon is certainly not alone in their efforts to improve the experience and career of trucking, however. Many companies are now focusing their attention on automation.

Not surprisingly, the aforementioned Convoy has come up with an “Uber Freight” truck tech company named Otto –  a self-driving truck business. The self-driving truck technology was developed by Paccar (a truck producer in Bellevue, Washington) and chip maker Nvidia.

On the horizon is an all-electric semi-truck recently unveiled by Elon Musk. This semi, which will also feature an auto-pilot system by Tesla, is predicted to be available at some point in 2019. Tesla calculates that compared to diesel’s $1.51 cost per mile, the new semi will come in at around $1.26.

Amazon Is Doing Their Homework

Though the new Relay app by Amazon is a big step in the right direction, they’re not stopping there! Amazon has put together an entire research team to make the latest vehicle technology work for them. To make these advancements work to their advantage, Amazon will likely look into how to apply them to its delivery network – which is becoming increasingly robust.

Already this year, a central control system patent was won by Amazon. This system will help vehicles that qualify as autonomous handle on-the-road route changes.

Amazon, a Seattle based cloud computing and massive e-commerce company, was founded in July of 1994 by Jeff Bezos. By worldwide standards, it is the largest Internet retailer (measured by market capitalization and revenue).

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