Dry Bulk Transportation 101

Dry bulk trailers are, as you might expect, responsible for the transport of dry materials. This is known as dry bulk transportation. These types of materials are transported by large semi-trucks and trailers because they most often come in huge quantities. When you think of all the things in your life that involve dry products, it should come as no surprise how massive this industry truly is. It is also a significant source of employment throughout the world. Without these trucks, trailers, and their drivers, life as we know it would come to a screeching halt.

Let’s take a look at some basics of dry bulk transportation.

Dry Bulk Transport Through The Years

The trucking industry has expanded greatly throughout just the last several decades. Technology advancements and innovations occur daily. Specialized trailers and trucks are one result of such innovations, and one of those advancements is the dry bulk trailer. It filled an essential need or demand, if you will.

Is It Profitable?

Of course, every industry has its downs and its ups. The same can be said for dry bulk transportation. Currently, however, it is doing very well. Bulk transport, over the last several years, has increased 5% annually.

Is There A Lot Of Training?

The training for drivers of tank trucks is far more involved than that pertaining to dry bulk drivers. They will, however, need a Class A CDL license and some specific training.

Precise rules and regs applying to dry bulk, though present, are also less strenuous than some other trucking/transport types.

What Is Typically Transported?

Anything dry. This can range from plastic pellets to cement to sugar. And most loads, with few exception, are non-hazardous.

Loading And Unloading

Very frequently, these types of trucks are unloaded and loaded from the top of the trailer tank. And the process is, in reality, nowhere near as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Buy Your Dry Bulk Trailer Parts From Mickey

Mickey carries used dry bulk trailers which can be found by clicking here. And though inventory can vary, particularly when it comes to used trailers and parts, here are some of the data trailers available as of the writing of this piece:

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2000 140’ 102” wide by 13’6” Hyundai – this air ride Hyundai dry bulk trailer has a swing door that can be converted to a roll-up door and an aluminum roof. Call Mickey today if you are interested in discussing price.

53’ X 102 wide 2007 Great Dane – this bulk trailer is in excellent condition. It comes with an aluminum roof and has a brand-new rear roll-up door. Additionally, we can cut this trailer to whatever size you need.

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Let’s keep truckin'.

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