How Do You Buy A Used Truck Like A Pro?

Buying a used truck can be a real money saver. Not everyone can afford to build a fleet out of entirely new trucks. It is the perfect way to be frugally responsible while still assuring your drivers, and yourself, of a vehicle that is dependable and good-quality. If that is, you purchase from the right dealer and follow a few basic tips.

Buying On The Internet

Particularly when buying something on the Internet, it is wise to be in your best ”buyer beware” frame of mind. There are any number of amazing deals to be had on trucks, dozers, cranes, excavators, and other equipment. Either buying outright or bidding on one of these in an auction can provide the buyer a chance to grab a used vehicle at a real steal.

Every day you hear about someone being scammed on the Internet– make sure you’re not one of those unfortunate individuals. Specifically pertaining to the buying of a used truck, however, here are some tips and suggestions that you might want follow.

Look Closely At Wheels And Tires

Record the tire size, and check for damage and wear. Are these tires a matched set? Are they recaps? Note: Recaps should never be mounted on the front of a truck.

How Will The Truck Be Used?

Only you know exactly how the truck will be used so only you are qualified to check for any features that the truck should specifically have. How many people will be driving this truck? Do they all have commercial licenses? How much can this truck weigh? Do you need a manual transmission on your vehicle?

Additionally, find out if the truck has ever been involved in a major accident and if there are any available warranties on the truck.

How Does the Truck Look Cosmetically?

The interior of the cab should be in good condition and as clean as possible. There should be nocracks in the glass. No chipping or fading should be evident in the paint job. There should be no missing or damaged fiberglass or sheet metal.

Is This Truck Structurally Sound?

It Is going to be a pricey endeavor, fixing any structural issues that you may have missed upon inspection. There should be no excessive wear regarding the mainframe. Additionally, none of the modifications, patches, or hardware should be missing or loose.

CheckThe Truck For Mechanical Issues

Start her up and let her run! Check the brakes and the steering and move the truck in reverse and forward. This is also a good time to listen for any noises that seem out of place or excessive.

Mickey carries any number of used trucks, trailers, parts, and accessories. Call a sales representative or our customer service department today to discuss what kind of options Mickey has and how you can become the proud owner of a used truck from Mickey.

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