Top Tips To Saving On Gas For Truck Drivers

It never fails. You had a feeling, when you saw the price sign outside your local gas station yesterday, that you should probably buy gas before the price goes up again. Here it is, the next morning, and guess what… That’s right, overnight the price jumped. Though undeniably better than in years past, gas prices still keep fluctuating. You never know where you stand until you see the sign outside your favorite gas station on your way to work. Truck drivers in particular need to worry about saving gas whenever possible.

We are going to help you do just that with our list of top tips for saving on gas consumption.

The Commonsense Basics

As with most things in life, common sense goes a long way when talking about saving gas. Here are things that you shouldn’t do, but probably already knew about:

  • Don’t crank your air conditioning
  • Don’t drive around aimlessly
  • Don’t let your engine idle needlessly for long periods of time

Lower Your Vehicles Weight

The heavier your vehicle, the more gas you use to move it. Don’t let the stuff contained within your vehicle weigh down your ride. Get all excess baggage out of the rear and passenger compartments of your vehicle whenever possible.

Where Are You Filling Up?

As much as you may need to fill up your tank while you’re driving down the freeway, try not to do so at a gas station located right along that freeway. Drive a ways away from major highways and thoroughfares because the gas is cheaper, the further you get from the freeway.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance (i.e., Tires, Air Filter, Etc.)

You can experience a 7% increase in mileage if your air filter is clean. Your mileage can improve up to 3% if your tires are inflated properly. These numbers may seem small, but they add up. Clogged air filters lesson your engine’s performance, so you burn more gas. Underinflated tires waste fuel as well.

Pay Cash

Some gas stations like to charge extra for individuals who use credit cards. Of course, if you have their specific credit card, benefits are usually offered such as six cents off per gallon (as an example). Use cash if you don’t have a particular gas station’s credit card. And this brings us to yet another suggestion for saving money on gas. They are sometimes referred to as “reward cards”. Gas discounts and other goodies are available when you use reward cards.

Smart Phone Apps

To assist you in finding cheaper gas in whatever area you happen to be driving, consider using any number of mobile apps available today. Here are two of them:

  • AAA Triptik
  • GasBuddy

Research Shows…

Research has shown that, as the weekend approaches, gas prices go up. So, it may be best to purchase your gas Wednesday or in the early morning hours on Thursday. Frequently, by 10 AM, most gas stations have changed their prices scheduled for that day.

Adjust Your Driving Attitude

Driving angry can equate to driving aggressively and vice versa. But aggressive driving burns up more gas. Stomping on the gas pedal and slamming on the brakes means that your vehicle is wasting gas.

Additionally, using cruise control can be a significant gas saver. Compared to a driver going between 65 and 75 while manually working the accelerator, gas mileage was 14% better when the cruise control was set at 70 mph.

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