Are You Familiar With These Cargo Trailer Speeds?

How often have you been witness to a truck pulling a cargo trailer (or some other trailer) at breakneck speeds? As that truck and trailer near a curve, you would be wise to slow down and stay clear! In that situation, a sudden curve can start a chain reaction. First the trailer starts to swerve, then the trailer goes one way, and the truck goes the other way, and now you have a minor disaster on your hands. Minor, as long as no one dies.

If you tow a trailer, you should know, ahead of time, that speed limits may vary from state to state for vehicles that pull trailers (versus passenger vehicles or vehicles without trailers). For the benefit of cargo trailer pullers, here are state-by-state restrictions (courtesy of AAA).

Puerto Rico

According to the zone, the same as passenger cars. For heavy vehicles, maximum speed is 10 mph under zone permitted speeds.

Wyoming And Wisconsin

Identical to the speeds for passenger cars.

West Virginia

70 mph if so posted, otherwise 55 mph.


Identical to mph’s posted for trucks.


Either what is posted or 70 mph.

Vermont and Utah and Texas

Identical to that posted for passenger cars but in Utah, different if posted.


Unless otherwise posted, 70 mph on rural interstate.

South Dakota

Unless otherwise posted:

  • On secondary highways, 65 mph.
  • On interstate, 75 mph.

South Carolina

Mobile, modular, and manufactured homes can never exceed 55 mph. Additionally they must travel (if 45 mph or more is the maximum posted speed) 10 miles less than the maximum posted speed.

Rhode Island

Identical miles per hour as passenger cars.


As posted but the following maximums apply:

  • 35 mph in urban districts
  • 25 mph on most local highways and residential districts
  • 65 mph on rural interstate highways
  • 55 mph in all other locations


The following applies to any vehicle with an 8000-pound weight registration or more, any camper, or any trailer towing vehicle: on roadways having, in a single direction, two or more lanes for traffic, they must drive in the right lane.


No special regulations.


For any vehicle combination or vehicle weighing 8000 pounds or more, the maximum speed is 55 mph.

North Dakota

55 mph if not posted. On the rural interstate the following speed limits apply:

  • 65 mph on two lane highways
  • 75 mph on multilane highways that are non-interstate
  • 75 mph on a rural interstates

North Carolina

Unless otherwise posted, 55 mph.

New York

Identical to passenger cars.

New Mexico

As posted or 75 mph.

New Jersey, Nevada, Maine, and Michigan

As posted.

New Hampshire

45 mph for house trailers.


Nothing in excess of 50 mph for mobile home towing.


No special restrictions.

Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, and Minnesota

Same miles per hour as passenger cars.


Unless otherwise posted, 55 mph.


45 mph for everyone except the following:

House trailers:

  • For trailers without brakes less than 15 feet, 50 mph
  • For trailers 15 to 32 feet long and brake equipped, 50 mph at night and 55 mph during the day

Utility trailers or boat trailers:

  • Same as passenger cars

Kentucky, Idaho, and Colorado

Identical to that for passenger cars.


55 mph or less if towing a house trailer.


As posted or 70 mph on the interstate.

Indiana, Hawaii, and Georgia

Whatever is posted.

Illinois and the District of Columbia

No special restrictions.


55 mph at other locations than residential and business districts where it’s 30 mph – unless otherwise posted. 65 mph on other designated highways and Turnpike except when a minimum speed is 50 mph and 70 mph is the posted speed.


10 mph or less for vehicles, trailers, or combination gross weight of 4000 pounds or more. The exception to this would be if the towing vehicle had suitable operator-controlled brakes.


Where posted, 65 mph in some areas and 55 mph in others.


55 mph for towing vehicles.


Towing a house trailer – 45 mph maximum. Others are as posted except or the following:

  • Urban freeways – 55 miles per hour
  • Rural interstates – 70 miles per hour


Semitrailers or vehicles towing trailers must travel at a rate of speed where lateral sway is avoided.


Mobile homes – 45 mph.


Speeds must be “proper and reasonable”.

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