Top Tips To Prevent Your Truck Paint From Fading

Truck paint, no matter how good it looks when it is first applied, will fade over time. The whole process is science-based but, more or less, it has everything to do with the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. We’re going to take a simplistic look at the science behind the fading of your truck paint in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of the problem. Sometimes, when you understand something a little better, you’re able to more efficiently attack the issue at hand. In other words, knowing why truck paint fades can assist in reducing future problems.

The Science Behind Fading

First of all, making them fade differently because of how they respond to contributors, there are two kinds of paint jobs. Here they are:

  • Having no protective layer, a single stage paint.
  • To protect the paint underneath, a sealing layer of lacquer is used for clearcoat paint jobs.

Now, why does vehicle paint fade? Here are the main contributors:

  • Bird droppings
  • Road maintenance-initiated salt
  • Chemical pollutants contained within the atmosphere
  • Sunlight (ultraviolet rays)

Over time, vehicle paints are slowly broken down because their pigments are affected by UV rays (ultraviolet). In essence, paint pigments are mined minerals from the earth which are extremely finely ground. Into paint, they are blended and give paint its color as a “prime pigment”. Chemicals, UV rays, etc., strip the protective qualities of this prime pigment. What results is a loss of luster where the minerals are concerned.

Can Anything Be Done About Fading?

As often as possible, you should park your vehicle in the shade to help protect the paint from UV ray-caused fading. Whether in a garage or under some type of overhang, shading your truck is the best protection possible from the sun. But there’s more.

Every couple of weeks or so, routinely wash your truck. Continuous exposure to smashed bugs, road salt, chemicals, and road grime eats away at the protective layer of your paint. Eventually, air-exposed paint will begin to fade.

Strong levels of acid are contained in bird droppings, which are particularly harmful to your paint’s surface if left too long. They will etch and burn the paint. When washing, however, make sure that harmful abrasive materials are not used – use soft brushes (or cloth) and soaps that are not too harsh.

Protect Your Paint Finish

Waxing your truck is another effective way to prevent its paint from fading. Good old-fashioned elbow grease will do but if you have an orbital waxer, this can save your muscles. On the other hand, make sure not to over wax because buildup can be caused on the surface of your truck.

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