COVID-19: Is Your Fleet Ready For Business Reopening?

COVID-19 has turned any number of industries upside down and inside out. Fortunately, things are slowly starting to return to some reasonable semblance of normal. But “normal” may be forever altered – or at least temporarily. Numerous challenging circumstances were presented by this pandemic, but the transportation business needed to continue. People rely on this industry for their prescriptions, food, car parts, and other necessary items.

Now that things are starting to pick up, and business is beginning to once again thrive, is your fleet ready for business reopening during COVID-19? If not, don’t wait another minute. Get that fleet ready to roll so that, once these days of economic turmoil wind down, you’ll be raring to go.

To help you bounce back better than ever after these trying times, we’ve prepared a list of tips that should be of assistance.

Park – Rather Than Sell – Your Unused Vehicles During the COVID-19 Crisis

You’ve likely got a lot of unanswered questions and any number of unused vehicles resulting from the current crunch. You might be thinking that, to free up cash, you could sell some of the vehicles for some fast cash. Sadly, when it comes to selling a vehicle, this isn’t the best time. Remember, lots of people got laid off or lost their jobs permanently, thanks to the coronavirus. Money may be hard to come by for many individuals and businesses.

The Operational Pandemic Playbook

Though things are starting to pick up again, in the immediate future, we won’t quite be returning to business as usual (just yet). The pandemic will dictate certain levels and adaptations of safeguarding throughout the world. To protect the public and your staff from a threat you can’t even see, new processes will need to be determined and put in place by operation leaders.

Communication Is Key

With your suppliers, customers, and employees, it’s essential that you remain in close contact, particularly in view of the current environment. How is your team feeling? Do they know your plans? How has the livelihood of your customers been impacted by the crisis? Are your suppliers still in business and thriving? When you’re ready to once again purchase from them, will they be ready? You’ll secure better relationships with your suppliers, protect the reputation of your company, nurture repeat business and customer satisfaction, and retain your best staff if you keep the lines of communication open with all parties concerned.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Do you lease the vehicles in your fleet? It may be possible to adjust the leases for your fleet vehicles if the budget for your business is suffering. Lease terms may be adjustable, but you have to ask to find out. If so, you could lower your expenses. To fit with your reduced monthly budget, you may be able to lower your monthly lease rate through a comparison between your current vehicle usage and your current lease.

Mickey Genuine Parts Can See to Your Fleet’s Needs

For all your fleet’s needs, Mickey Genuine Parts simply “does it best” – and we’ve been doing so for more than 100 years! We surpass others in the industry with our workmanship standards, safety, customer service, and more. When you need your fleet serviced, contact one of our certified service centers. They are conveniently located throughout the United States.

Need to save money? We have an ever-changing supply of used trailers at reasonable prices and in great condition. Now that we’re learning how to settle into a “new normal” – as fast as we can – there will likely be a rush to get back to business in a hurry. Don’t get left behind. Contact Mickey today.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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