Common Challenges To Overcome When Starting A Food Truck Business

The latest health crisis has affected restaurants, bars, and even food trucks. But things are gradually starting to get back to some semblance of normal. Thankfully, the food truck business is bouncing back and should soon be stronger than ever – particularly in urban areas like Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc. For foodie entrepreneurs, a food truck venture is very appealing. This is not to say, however, that it does not come without a set of challenges unique to the industry. Before starting your food truck business, carefully consider the following tips that have been relayed by people in the know – food truck owners.

Do You Know How to Drive a Food Truck?

it’s not called a food car, after all. It’s hard enough to keep things running properly on your food truck – i.e., cooking supplies, refrigeration and cooking equipment, ventilation systems, etc. But to make sure that you’re on time for every scheduled event, you have to ensure that you can rely on the truck running smoothly. Regular maintenance is required on all trucks, such as new tires, gas, repairs, and more. You’ll be better off if you know something about automotive repairs and mechanics.

Know Whether You Can Depend on the Weather or Not

On a beautiful, cool to warm day, business will probably be booming. This, of course, can depend on exactly what it is that you sell. But in a heartbeat, when the weather snaps, business can drop off suddenly and unexpectedly. Be prepared and plan ahead whenever possible.

The Eternal Grocery List

Bulk storage is not a common characteristic of most food trucks. Food prep is more often the focus of a food truck’s interior. Receiving deliveries is next to impossible, so get used to shopping on an almost continuous basis.

You Can’t Park the Food Truck Here!

If only you could park anywhere… but, alas, you cannot. At events such as farmers markets, fairs, popular lunch spots, etc., there may actually be a waiting list for parking spots. You can’t just set up shop in an open parking lot or on a corner that is highly trafficked!

All That Red Tape for a Food Truck Business!

Naturally, as with so many things in this world, there can be lots of red tape involved in the food truck business. You would think that it would be easy: purchase a truck, prepare awesome cuisine, find a place to park, sell your wares. If only…

But there is a special set of regulations where state, county, and city are concerned for food trucks. You will be fined if you don’t accurately navigate a series of certifications and permits. Here are some examples:

  • Mobile vending laws
  • Liability insurance
  • For the truck itself, licenses and permits (driver’s license, inspection, registration, etc.)
  • Training in food safety
  • Certification from the health department
  • Seller’s permit

If that’s not enough, food trucks are limited by toilet facilities in some cities. Here’s what that means in LA, for instance: Within 500 feet of your food truck, there must be a public bathroom facility if you’re going to be parked there in excess of one hour.

Does Your Food Truck Need Help?

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