Using Enclosed Trailers Safely

Have you considered, lately, the comfort of your employees? Even if they have to work for only short periods of time in a hot trailer, that discomfort can turn to a medical emergency in no time at all. It’s far easier to overheat in hot enclosed trailers than outside in the fresh air. With no air circulating in that trailer, it’s little more than a hotbox under just the right weather-related circumstances.

Hot Trailers Are Dangerous

Not only is a hot enclosed trailer a health hazard, it can be a fire hazard as well. Chemical or gas-soaked towels or rags can combust, vapors from gas cans may cause a fire, and more. There is also the added danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from a running engine and fire because of equipment overheating.

The whole point here is to provide safe and cool conditions inside enclosed trailers all year round. Particularly in summer.

A Checklist For Safe Trailers

Keep the following handy to help ensure the safety and comfort of your enclosed trailers:

  • Fire extinguisher – Before it gets out of control, you can knock down a small fire if this is close at hand.
  • Monitors – Carbon monoxide and smoke monitors should be inside and kept at the trailer’s deepest part.
  • Air conditioning – You might want to think about the installation of a small, extra air conditioning unit in the side of the truck or trailer. While your equipment is running and you are stationary, this will come in handy.
  • Containers – You should have fireproof containers for chemical or gasoline-soaked rags that need to be trashed or laundered.
  • Gas cans – These should be stored in a lockable container outside of the trailer.
  • Paint job – To help reflect the sun, paint your entire trailer a light color (or at least paint the roof white).
  • Vents – At least one roof vent should be a part of your van. An opening with a vent fan is preferable, and if it has a fan that is temperature triggered, even better.
  • Additional vents – Any equipment running inside the van, truck, or trailer should be able to vent through an exhaust vent.
  • Additional door – Some trailers come with more than one door, some do not. If only one door is present, consider the installation of a second door. If this is not doable, make sure that you have enough vents and/or windows to keep air flowing.

Turn to Mickey for the Parts You Need

Mickey Genuine Parts carries the vent fan mentioned above, as well as other parts, accessories, and more for your van body, trailer, truck, etc. If you order the part you need by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, we can begin shipping it the same day. Special order parts take slightly longer. Should you need someone to do the work, we have certified service centers conveniently located throughout the United States. If you have any questions, would like to place an order, or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us today. Summer may be almost over, but if you operate in an area that has warm weather year round, you won’t want to delay. Plus, before you know it, next summer will be here.

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