Tips For Purchasing Used Cargo Van Bodies

If you are considering buying a new or used cargo van body, inspect it or have someone knowledgeable in the areas of mechanics and cargo vans thoroughly go over it. This is such a good idea that the government even stands behind it! They state that all commercial vehicles should be inspected.

Buying used is a phenomenal way to save lots of money. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re watching your pennies in an already established business, saving money is never a bad thing. Make sure that if you buy used, however, you do so from a reputable source.

Now that we’ve established the need for an inspection, let’s take that inspection apart. Here are things to check out before you sign on the dotted line for that used vehicle or cargo van body.

What’s Inside?

What kind of shape is the interior in? Make sure that interior lights, air conditioning knobs/levers, and power windows function properly. Are the seatbelts working properly and are they complete?

How’s the Steering?

You probably have good alignment if a well-cared-for van has steering that is smooth and accurate. There should be no excessive play and it should be responsive.

Check the Transmission Fluid And Engine Oil

While the van is idling and in neutral, pull the transmission fluid dipstick out and look at it. Check the color of the fluid after wiping the dipstick with a towel. Black could mean trouble, brown means that the fluid has to be replaced, pink or red is a good sign.

Also check the oil dipstick by wiping it off with a paper towel and checking the color. Black could mean trouble. Light brown means service will be needed soon.

Look At And Listen To The Engine

Start the engine and let it idle. While it’s running, check for noises or smoke. Look for excessive exhaust by pressing the gas pedal and revving the engine.

Do More Than Kick the Tires

Check tires for uneven wear, damage, or bulges. Poor alignment, steering issues, or worn suspension could be indicated by uneven wear. Is there a spare?

How Are the Brakes?

Test the brakes during a test drive. Simulate an emergency stop. Does the van stop in a straight line or pull to one side? Listen for noises such as grinding. You may need a full brake replacement if you hear grinding.

Does the Air Conditioning Work?

Make sure that your air conditioner is doing more than just “working”. Listen for noises, check that it works on all speeds, check the compressor, the fan, etc. How’s the charge?

Look at All the Lights

More than just checking to see if all the lights work, make sure there’s no flickering or dimming. Check indicator lights, interior, brake, headlights, and the rest.

Check the Suspension

If the van bounces once and then returns to its normal position, the shock absorbers are probably good. Always test drive!

Look Over the Bodywork

The basic and most important thing you’re looking for is rust. On the van’s sills, below the bumpers, and on the wings are places that corrosion may show up. Around the corners of the windshield, below the wheel arches, and around the doorframes are places to look as well.

Signing on the Dotted Line?

Before you sign, make sure that all the paperwork is in order. In fact, obtaining a full service history from the seller is also a good idea. You’re more likely to get something in good condition, guaranteed, and pre-inspected, if you go through a proven, reputable source.

Speaking of Repeatable Sources…

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