Small Beverage Delivery Business Tips For Owners

Before we get started, let’s clarify something. There are a couple of ways to start a small beverage business. The first would be to create your own beverage, get it patented, and then concentrate on promoting/manufacturing/selling/distributing it. With all of the beverages on the market today, that’s a tall order and a lofty expectation! Rather, a small distribution business involving beverages is not only profitable but may well be more realistic. Again, there are millions of drinks/beverages on the market. Somebody needs to deliver them to stores, bars, restaurants, etc. It might as well be you.

Start small and build to something bigger or stay small and have fewer demands put on you, fewer employees to deal with, and possibly less headaches. It’s all up to you.

Starting and Running Your Own Beverage Business

If this is truly what you want to do, and you feel it’s realistic, the very first thing you must accomplish is to come up with a beverage that hasn’t been done. Good luck. Not only is this venture going to take some innovative imagination and creativity, it’s going to take a lot of money. Along with the basic insurance costs and standard costs of running a business, you’re going to need production equipment, supplies (with which to make the beverage), canning or bottling materials, and a building in which to put them all. You’ll need a lot of employees and you will need to decide whether you’re going to distribute the product or whether you’re going to hire a trucking/delivery company to deliver your product.

Don’t forget about promotional costs, licensing costs, Workmen’s Compensation… the list goes on and on. You may need to put together some focus groups to test out your product. Laboratory tests might be involved. It’s staggering how much goes into starting a business that involves food or beverages. Also, let’s not forget about the FDA.

On the other hand, starting a beverage delivery/distribution business might be a good idea.

Starting and Running A Small Beverage Delivery Business

All you’re going to need here (equipment wise) are a few refrigerated trailers/trucks, dollies or carts, drivers, and a few odds and ends.

Of course, you’ll still need to work out the insurance details and other aspects of owning/running your own company.

A business like this is also going to mean continuously educating your employees, possibly hiring a fleet manager, preventative maintenance on your delivery vehicles, and more.

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