Five Truck Lubricants To Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

One cost you have to account for in fleet operation is that of lubricants. They keep the different parts of a truck running smoothly which, in turn, ensures the continual running of vital systems. When these systems break down, you may have to opt for servicing. There are different types of truck lubricants you can purchase to suit your purposes, which we will share more about in this article!

Engine Oil

This applies to all types of vehicles on top of trucks. From time to time, you should get your engine oil replaced. Replacing your engine oil not only comes with the benefit of lubrication, but also cooling, ceiling cleaning and protection against corrosion.

Because different parts of your engine are constantly producing friction when they move, one purpose of engine oil is to reduce friction that can quickly wear down engine components. This will allow your parts to continue working for longer.

Transmission Fluid

Besides a powerful engine, your truck will also need a well-maintained transmission system. In order to do that, you will need to ensure that your transmission fluid is able to do the job of lubricating the mechanical parts within your system. Besides lubrication, transmission fluid also plays a part in maintaining fluid pressure and slowing down the processes of oxidation and corrosion.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a kind of lubrication for your brakes. Moving components are constantly brushing against each other, and the friction can cause parts to wear out sooner than you would like. Brake fluid is released when you press down on the brake pedal, which causes your vehicle to slow down and eventually stop. To this end, it can be said that brake fluid is used to keep you and everyone else on the road safe!

Brake fluid will need to be replaced regularly in order to keep your brake system functioning in top condition.

Gear Lubrication Oil

The gear systems in your truck will require lubrication as they are constantly generating heat through movement, which is a huge cause of wear and tear. This lubrication ensures that friction can be minimized. Without it, a huge range of problems can occur, including corrosion, scouring and scuffing of vital components, all of which can compromise the performance of your truck.

Keep in mind that you motor oil and lubrication meant for gears serve different purposes and you should not be using them interchangeably. Gear oil is specially manufactured to perform well under extreme high heat conditions. To extend the service lifespan of your vehicle, constantly applying gear oil is essential.

Hydraulic Oil

Your hydraulic system will also require lubrication. Hydraulic oil is non-compressible and it is made up of several additives that allow it to work as a coolant and a lubricant simultaneously. It works well under a diverse range of temperatures and pressure conditions. Besides heat dissipation and the elimination of contaminants, this oil also works to prevent rust and corrosion from occurring within your hydraulic system.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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