The Perfect Fleet: Mastering Truck Upfitting

How do you assist your company and your drivers by providing them with the right tools? One excellent plan of action is to go with truck upfitting for your fleet – even if your “fleet” consists of only one or two vehicles. By upfitting your trucks with tools and equipment that your team needs, you have met a crucial requirement for any business which is to improve the consistency and efficiency of a company.

Deciding upfit is the first step. Numerous factors need to be considered once that decision has been made. How is the entire process of upfitting going to come together? Will you be able to avoid unseen expenditures? Will there be any costly delays? To ensure that the upfitting process runs smoothly, we have included some tips below.

GPS Tracking

Sure, almost everyone has GPS on their phone. With GPS tracking added to your vehicles, however, you will be able to track every truck in your fleet and keep a better eye on your loads, drivers, and business operations.


You can consider applying graphics on the side of your truck like a moving billboard. It is free advertising that you might want to consider. The more vibrant the colors, the more informative the message, the better. Imagine how many people drive by your truck every day! Get the message out by featuring your business with advertisements.

What Might Be Required in the Future?

Take the time to explore your trucks and think of what kind of equipment they may require and where your business will progress to in the future. What will your fleet need five years from now? Where will your business be in 10 years from now? Search for any upfitting that might be done in the future, how will it work with what you’re having done now?

Watch Out For Warranties – Don’t Void Them

Upfitting projects can be beneficial to your fleet and your business, however, by executing these upfits, you might void any warranties on your truck, trailer, or parts. For that reason, it is important to reflect carefully on the things you are adding to your truck to prevent any void of guarantees or warranties that are still in effect.

Avoid Fleet Vehicle Overloading

You might be thinking of installing as many features as possible for your truck. Adding large amounts of aftermarket equipment can make your vehicle heavier and will put a strain on the engine. You could even affect the safety of your truck by adding too many upfits.

Get And Review More Than One Quote

Just like comparing contractors’ prices for an addition to your home, you can consider checking with multiple service centers to see how much they charge for truck upgrades, their policies, reviews, time requirements, and such. In addition to getting several quotes and comparing them, it is recommended to pay attention to their requirements and regulations and ensure that your equipment, truck, and trailer are compliant with them.

Keep It Simple!

Keeping things simple can sometimes be the best way. Do not make something harder than it needs to be. Do what you can afford and figure out save on the necessaries if you are on a tight budget. 

Having everything done under one roof will be helpful as it helps eliminate downtime such as having to drive from one place to another to get the upfitting done.

Who Will Do the Truck Upfitting on Your Fleet?

It can be a tough choice, trying to decide who will best satisfy your fleet’s truck upfitting needs. But rest assured that Mickey Genuine Parts can fit the bill! With our certified full-service centers located throughout the United States, there is likely one conveniently located near you. For your truck’s upfit, no one does it better than Mickey Genuine Parts.  With over 100 years of experience, our workmanship standards have surpassed others in the transport industry. Speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives to see what Mickey can do for you, today.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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