Class 5 Trucks Are Non-CDL-Friendly Vehicles

Class 5 trucks are even more desirable now than they have been in the past – which is quite saying something! Across all segments of trucking, a significant issue is the driver shortage. This includes medium duty applications. Because, to operate a class 5 truck, you don’t need a commercial driver’s license – and because these trucks are more than capable of handling local delivery company requirements – they are hot commodity. For many applications, they can be outfitted with a vast variety of equipment selections. These are highly versatile vehicles.

Though specific class V trucks differ, we’re going to take a look at many of the aspects they generally share. For these characteristics and more, companies with non-CDL employees are using class 5 trucks on a frequent basis.

What Does Class 5 Mean?

What does it mean when a truck is referred to as “class 5”?

Trucks with GVWRs as high as 19,500 pounds and as low as 16,001 pounds are referred to as class 5. Straddling the line between commercial and noncommercial use, there are in a number of models and makes in this classification. More commercial than noncommercial vehicles, however, do tend to be included in this class.

As an example – and referred to below regarding specific aspects – the Ford F550 (and other vehicles comparable to it) fits the bill nicely.

What’s Inside?

Many of the engines in these trucks offer somewhere around 660 pounds per foot of torque and 300 hp.

For medium duty owners, they are capable of maximizing uptime, minimizing operational costs, and delivering superior performance. Combining for superior lifetime value are long service intervals, reduced maintenance, and superb fuel efficiency.

Standard on most and featuring ABS are easy-to-service and easy-to-operate hydraulic brakes. With single axle drive and a quick check engine, for noncommercial drivers, these trucks are designed to maximize efficiency. The trucks are perfect for municipal utility applications, landscaping, roll-off, pickup and delivery, and light towing.

What’s The Attraction for Drivers?

The reason that class 5 trucks are a top choice, for CDL and non-CDL drivers alike, is the fact that they are driver friendly. They are designed to keep even noncommercial drivers productive and relaxed with quick service access points, easy-to-reach switches, and easy-to-read gauges. Everyone will be able to appreciate this vehicle’s ease of operability and the ergonomics of its automotive-like interior.

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