Is Your Budget Spent On The Best Refrigerated Trucks

There are a variety of refrigerated transports such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerator trucks, reefer trucks, and reefer trailers. They all serve the same purpose, to transport chilled or frozen items. When refrigerated items need to be transported over long distances, refrigerated trucks are required. Today, the shipping and transport industry has been using these transport vehicles to move frozen or refrigerated items that are required to remain at a certain temperature.

If you are in the transport business looking to move cold or frozen items, you will want the best-refrigerated trucks for your exceptional fleet.

Buying Refrigerated Trucks

Whether you are renting or buying a refrigerated truck to transport your goods, there are several things you might want to consider. Ensuring safe and secure transportation for your goods or your client’s products is important. For that reason, let us share with you some important questions that might help you determine the best transportation for your items:

  • How many drops will need to be made with each load?
  • What kind of a payload are you going to need?
  • What are the products you will be transporting?
  • What is the temperature range that will be required for transport?

The answers to these questions will help determine which truck is right for you. When planning to purchase or rent your ideal vehicle, you might want to check the condition and age of the vehicle as insulation and gas mileage will be better on newer vehicles than older ones.

Mickey’s Reefer Units

At Mickey Truck Bodies, we carry refrigerated van bodies that can maintain temperatures from 0°F to 30°F in a more efficient manner than standard conventional units. The floor and walls help to maintain the temperature, while the roof is made of thermal efficient composite panels to ensure better protection. When you require parts for your truck, Mickey Genuine Parts has everything you need.

The dimensions of the Mickey reefer body are as follows:

  • 91 inches – interior height
  • 96 inches – overall width
  • 16 feet – interior length

Here are some features of our refrigerated van body:

  • Four inter-floor Kazoo drains
  • Two rows E-track cargo constraints
  • Anti-sail Mickey mud flap brackets
  • Optional Truck-Away and rail gates
  • Antiskid inverted T floor
  • ICC bumper
  • Rear grab handles
  • Insulated rear rollup door
  • Food Grade interior walls
  • Panel thickness: 3-inch sidewalls, 4-inch floor, front wall, and roof
  • Door opening 85 inches high by 83.75 inches wide
  • Stainless steel rear frame
  • 12-inch high-strength aluminum scuff liner
  • Thermo King or Carrier front wall reefer
  • Excellent for appearance and detail application
  • Smooth walls without fasteners
  • 16-inch center aluminum posts

Need a Reefer Truck? Shop With Mickey

If you are in the market for some of the best-refrigerated trucks on the planet, look no further than Mickey Truck Bodies. If you need parts for your trucks, trailers, and delivery vans, Mickey Genuine Parts has you covered. When you require professionals to service or maintain your vehicles, you can rest assured that our Mickey certified service centers are located throughout the United States. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

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