The Do’s And Don’ts Of Van Body Skin Design

Van body skins (or vehicle wraps) are an excellent method of advertising. For one thing, they’re economical. There are any number of considerations, however, that need to be looked at before deciding on whether or not to wrap your van, truck, or other vehicle.

Let’s See the “Do’s” First

For the creator of the body skin or wrap:

  • Before you print your magnificent work of art, DO make sure that your client has signed off on it.
  • When creating your design, DO remember that your client’s message and brand is the focal point of the project.
  • DO use bold designs and colors.
  • When creating your plan of action, DO research your client.
  • DO take lots of photos when sizing up the job.

And Now The “Don’ts”

Again, if you are the designer:

  • DON’T just think about yourself, make sure that you aren’t disregarding your client’s needs.
  • When creating your design, DON’T include too much advertising copy.
  • DON’T get too visually “busy” with your design – there’s no need for overcrowding.
  • Take your time when creating your design – don’t rush headlong into it.
  • Don’t start without first seeing the vehicle, DON’T just rely on digital templates.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

There are myths out there regarding vehicle wraps that you should be made aware of before you even consider the possibility. Here they are in a nutshell.

  • Vehicle wraps simply aren’t worth the investment – Is this a true statement or not? It depends largely on the use of the vehicle and the business it represents. If you’re weighing cost per impression, over traditional advertising methods such as television, billboards, print, and radio, vehicle wraps will always win out.
  • When it comes to vehicle windows, graphics are unsafe – Perforated window film is used for windows and therefore is see-through. Coverings should never be put on front passenger and driver windows or windshields.
  • It’s nearly impossible to take a vehicle wrap off – Quality wraps are made specifically with remove-ability in mind. Eventually, it’s going to be part of the process.
  • A vehicle’s paint will be damaged by a vehicle wrap – Just the opposite is true. The paint (as long as it’s cured and in good condition) on your vehicle will actually be protected by a high-quality vehicle wrap.
  • Leased vehicles cannot be wrapped – While you need to check with the company from whom you’re leasing the vehicle, this is in all likelihood false. Many leased vehicles are wrapped and some are, in fact, delivered directly to the wrapping studio from the dealer.

Mickey Genuine Parts carries van skins and posts and a wide selection of other associated parts. Some of these include J-channel roof trim, front/side connector, and front cap and rail (skin and post). We also carry numerous accessories, have a wide array of parts, and even stock a number of used trailers for the budget conscious individual.

If you would like to discuss a skin for your trailer, truck body, van, etc., please contact the experts at Mickey Genuine Parts. We have knowledgeable, experienced individuals standing by to answer all your questions. And don’t forget, located throughout the United States are numerous Mickey certified service centers.


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