How To Ensure Your Truck’s Longevity

Truck owners, for the most part, really love their trucks. And they know that if you take good care of your truck, it is far more likely that your truck will take good care of you. Every model and make comes with its own specific needs, which is why your owner’s manual is so important. But in general, there are a number of generic tips that apply to most every truck on the road. These pointers can keep you behind the wheel longer and allow your truck a more extensive life expectancy.

As Just Mentioned – The Owner’s Manual

This is, more or less, your Truck Bible. Pay attention to all it has to say. We are not telling you to read it cover to cover at the earliest possible point in time. But you should know that you can always turn to it for information regarding maintenance and more. Always keep it handy.

Annual Inspections

A yearly inspection is required by some provinces. But whether it is required or not, it’s good practice. Consider it a doctor’s checkup for your truck. Before turning into costly repairs, potential problems can be diagnosed and treated by a technician.

Driving Conditions Affect Your Truck

The life of your truck is in your hands. Its life span will be considerably decreased if you constantly subject it to extreme conditions. But, your truck can last longer if you go the speed limit and try to stick to well-paved roads.

Just like You – Your Engine Needs to Breathe

Clean air access is crucial to the proper functioning of an engine. Help your engine breathe with a new air filter at least every 30,000 miles, if not every 15,000 miles. The dirtier the conditions you drive in – the more often you should change your air filter.

Monthly Fluid And Light Checks

Fluid checks and light checks can be done at the same time, monthly.

Fluid checks:

  • Check your owner’s manual for the type of coolant that your truck uses and check it.
  • Check not only the oil level but the condition of the oil. For a more accurate reading, wait until your engine has cooled.

Light checks:

  • Check to make sure that your glovebox contains extra fuses.
  • Never drive with burned out headlights.
  • Inspect all running lights, directionals, brake lights, backup lights, etc.
  • Check all interior lights and lighting as well.

Inspect the Alignment of Your Wheels

You might need to align the wheels of your truck if you notice it veering to one side. The chances of needing tire alignment will increase if you drive aggressively or at high speeds along the rough roads. Tires wear down more easily when your wheels are misaligned, the vehicle is harder to handle, and gas mileage worsens.

It Might Be Time to Balance Your Tires

In addition to alignment, wheel balancing is essential and can be accomplished at the same time your tires are rotated. Tires can become unbalanced each time you leave the road entirely or hit a bump or pothole. Suspension wear can be increased by unbalanced tires. And if you patch or replace a tire, it should be balanced, as well.

And while we’re on the topic, rotate your tires around the same time you change your oil. This will help with even wearing of your tires. It is more common for front tires to wear more quickly than the rear. You may be able to find a recommended rotation pattern in your owner’s manual.

As Mentioned Earlier – Change Your Oil

As easy as this is, it is commonly a neglected area. With regular oil changes, your truck will last longer. Every 7500 miles or every six months (depending on which comes first) you should change your oil if you’re truck model is 2007 or newer. Especially if you have an older model truck, every time you change your oil, you should also change your oil filter.

And, once again, check your owner’s manual for the appropriate type of oil.

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