What Are The Most Often Replaced Truck Parts?

Even though heavy-duty truck parts are exactly that – heavy duty – that doesn’t mean that they last forever. In fact, every time you put the words “heavy duty” on something, it seems to give certain individuals license to beat the heck out of whatever it is. We might love our trucks, but that doesn’t mean we are always good to them. And even if we take good care of our vehicles, certain things just always seem to need replacing eventually. (Some more often than others.)

When it comes to heavy-duty truck parts, what are the most frequently replaced items? (Keep in mind that repair and replacement of some of these can be avoided or lessened through general maintenance, proper driving habits, and regularly scheduled inspections.)


In order to get from point A to point B, a functioning transmission system and clutch is essential. In fact, without everything on this list, it’s going to be an interesting ride (more likely impossible). Compared to the clutch on a standard car, the clutch wears down faster on a large truck. (As do, again, most of the things on this list.) You can expect to get approximately 200,000 miles out of your clutch, provided you are not “riding the clutch” regularly. And when it comes to your transmission as a whole, including your clutch, maintenance is a key aspect.


If you spend any time driving along the highways and byways of the world, you have likely seen either a shed retread or a blown-out tire somewhere on the road (hopefully off to the side). Standard vehicle tires are not built to last as long as truck tires. But as evidenced by the previously stated tire remnants alongside the road, they don’t last forever. Before you need a new set of tires, you can expect to get in excess of 100,000 miles from a set of heavy-duty truck tires. Again, this is assuming that you drive in an appropriate manner.

Brake Pads

Without your brakes, you are driving a Death Mobile. But key components like brake pads, as with just about anything, do tend to wear out. More frequent brake pad replacement is needed for larger trucks than for smaller trucks and cars. Larger trucks take more brake power to slow down and stop. On most heavy-duty vehicles, 3 to 5 years is the expected replacement time for brake pads.

This can depend on your driving style, what kind of driving you do, whether or not you have to stop quickly, frequently, and whether or not you’re involved in a lot of stop-and-go traffic. Avoiding fast stops is always recommended and can, in reality, help extend the life of your brake pads.

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