Benefits Of Buying Used Truck Bodies

It’s true that brand-new, shiny, pretty trucks, vans, and trailers are a sight to behold. Everything is fresh off the assembly line. But for those wishing or needing to save money, nothing beats purchasing used truck bodies, vans, or trailers with which to expand or start a company.

It’s a tricky business – having a business. It costs a lot of money to start a company. It also costs a good amount to expand. Saving money where you can is crucial. When you buy new, first and foremost in your mind is getting a return on your investment.

The quality of the equipment, the choice of van or truck, the cost of ownership – you must get your money back on all of these things. When you buy used, you have less to worry about. That means you can concentrate on running the business and doing a good job of it.

What are some other reasons to buy used truck bodies?

So Many Choices

Today’s dealers are reporting that there is a massive, strong market for used trucks. What does that mean for the buyer? It translates into “lots of choices”. Look for a dealer that has a reputation for customer satisfaction and top quality equipment. Whether you’re purchasing trailers, truck bodies, vans, etc., the dealer can have everything to do with the reliability of your used vehicle purchase.

If you have a good connection with a well-established dealer, ask them for the inside scoop on whichever used vehicles you’re considering for purchase.

Lots of Availability

Order processing times and other factors make for a long wait when purchasing a new vehicle. On the other hand, there are more used vehicles out there than anyone knows what to do with. They are ready for a test drive, they are available in numerous locations, they’re almost always stocked, and some even come with decent extended warranties. No waiting, no fuss, no muss.

High-Value – Low Taxes and Insurance

It could cost less to ensure your used van or truck because of their lower appraisal value. It costs a lot of money to repair vehicles with high-tech systems and parts. Newer vehicles have a high market value, as well. When performed on schedule, maintenance and repairs help a used vehicle hold its value. Of course, you must be sure to purchase your used vehicle from a reliable service facility, dealer, or repair shop.

Remember, to make sure that your used vehicle maintains its value, at the first sign of trouble, have it serviced at a dependable service center.

You Can’t Beat the Price

There was a 6% increase in commercial truck operations in 2017. In 2016, it cost $1.59 per mile to run that type of business. That increased to $1.69 per mile in just one year. (The American Transportation Research Institute is responsible for the report in which this was stated.) But you stand less chance of straining your budget when you purchase used equipment such as trailers, vans, trucks, etc. Some dealers even offer used parts. Which is great, as long as they are still safe and reliable.

Business owners that are budget conscious buy used as a way of cutting back on major expenses. Mickey Genuine Parts has used trailers, van bodies, and more. For the frugally minded person, this is a great idea. Whether you’re starting a business or expanding one, used equipment helps to save money.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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